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How To Effectively Promote Your Music Online for FREE....almost!

Reported By KlearJ
When we, as artist, think about the phrase “getting our music known,” the very first thing some of us may think about is packing up and hitting the road. Touring is a very effective way of getting your music heard and gaining exposure, but if you don’t have the money to manufacture CDs, print and distribute free T-Shirts, autographed posters, and other merchandise, then try promoting online.

The new and modern way to get anything that you need quickly right now is by first finding it online and you better believe that fans of your band WILL look for you online. Your fans want to know in a flash about your next show, if you have created any new product, and even if your band leader has just gotten a root canal. So, now let me give you some tips on how and where to promote your music, band and brand online effectively.

1. Google:
If you don’t know this by now, Google.com is the biggest search engine on the internet and one of the largest companies in the entire world. Advertising on Google has many benefits that will help you a bunch with gaining and keeping fans. You can attract people from all around the world that is into your genre of music by creating campaigns that are catered to your audience. Instead of getting your music around the world by touring, why not use Google AdWords to get the results that you are looking for. Plus, you can save money on posters, print ads, etc.

2. Social Networking:
Everybody knows that Facebook is a popular way of getting in touch with old friends, new acquaintances, and all of your family members. Why not promoter your music to those close to you? Using social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and now Twitter can increase your fan base by 100 percent! Using tools included on these sites such as Instant Messaging, Video Uploading, and Live Audio chats can keep you in tuned to your fans like and dislike about your music or your band. Also, other websites and applications like http://Gabberface.com and http://Tweet-U-Later.com can help you to effectively advertise your music and band products for Free.

3. Video Broadcasting:
Make YouTube.com and Vimeo.com your best friend if you plan to promote to your fans. All of your show recordings, band v-logs, and music videos can all be a form of promotion to your fan base. Adding links to your social networks and website in your description will help you to gain more exposure even from people that have just discovered your music. Also, the YouTube annotation feature can allow you to quickly link to other videos that you may have uploaded on your personal YouTube channel and it can help people subscribe to your channel with one click.

4. Band Blog:
A blog is basically a free webpage that you can create and design for your fan base to enjoy. Building a blog and updating you blog periodically will help people that enjoy your music to stay up to date on your shows, new music, videos, new products and more. You can also ad your contact information so that clubs, promoters, princes, queens, etc. can book you and your band for their next event. In addition to having your own blog, you can search for other blogs that promotes the same genre of music that you perform and ask them to give you an interview or a feature to increase your popularity. Just check out blogs like Mic Hustlin’ Blogspot (http://michustlin.us.tf)

5. Indie Music Site:
Uploading your music on several sites like Soundclick.com, GarageBand.com, and ReverbNation.com can most definitely help your audience to see you and your band more. Not to mention, if you are affiliated with these sites, you can get paid for every click on your song that is made by your adoring fans. Some of these types of sites also have contest where visitors and members of the site can judge your music. Based on whether you are a crowd favorite or not, you will be offered various prizes that may include everything from CASH to a Record Deal with your favorite label.

6. Merchandise:
Last, but definitely not least, the merchandise that you produce online to help brand your band can also be just as effective as touring. Some of the hottest bands and artist have some very unique designs that have every one of their fans strategically giving them free promotion. So, your question might be, what sites can I use to create products online? Sites like http://DistrictLines.com, http://Spreadshirts.com, and http://Zazzle.com can help you create a variety of products from T-Shirt, Poster, and even Vans shoes that you can sell to your fans, family and friends. You can also create and design a store-front for each of these sites that you can promote with your store-front URL.
See, so you really don’t have to tour and spend a bunch of money on Newspaper, Television, and Print ads just to get your bands name out to the world. You can do it all out of the comfort of your very own home. Plus, Online Promotion can help you gain a die-hard audience of fans quickly and effectively so that when you do book a show or go on tour, you can pack the house!
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