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Cam'ron Says DipSet Reunion Not On Schedule

Reported By KlearJ

Cam'ron is back after dropping a new mixtape "Ghetto Heaven", which is a great collective of music from the Harlem don, but what everyone want's to know is will there be a DipSet Reunion in the making.

He sat down with Joy Daily and StreetSweeper radio and discussed how he felt about the DipSet Reunion. After being asked by Joy Daily about the rest of the crew and if they plan on putting an album together, this is what Killa Cam had to say.

"We're in a good space, nobody's beefing..we all agreed, to do the music, it's gotta be genuine and it's just seem like we can't all sit down for a month or two to get it together." Cam'ron also added. "I never say a yes or no because we (can) go tomorrow and get it done, but it's just not on the schedule...for us to do good music, we all gotta put our own personal schedules aside and sit down and do it together."

Check Out the full video below:

So Mic Hustlin, do you think the DipSet Reunion will ever happen?
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