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Interview with "The Bakery Gang" DJ Wats


If you ain't heard of Brooklyn, NY native DJ Wats by now, you might be a little deaf. He has some of the hottest mixtapes on the streets right now. He has had some of the hottest music from major artist and indie artist in hiphop to be featured on his mixtapes. Since his start in 2000, 'Wats' has evolved into one of the premiere DJ's in the industry and many can vouch for that. His Time Is Money mixtape series alone has help to catapult him to the masses and has helped him reached thousands of ears throughout the U.S. It's evident that his experience is growing after checking his track record. He really needs no introduction. I will let him tell you who he is. Check out the interview with KlearJOfficial.

What's Good Homie, Introduce yourself to everybody man? Brooklyn, we did it! Lol, nah what's up its DJ Wats.

Lol, that's what's up. Reppin That BK!! So when did you start DJing mixtapes in this game? I started doing mixtapes, in 2000. Since I've worked with numerous artists such as Kanye West, Diplomats, Tony Yayo, Capone of CNN, Pharrell Williams, The Game, Swaggman and many more. The list is extensive. I launched my own company, and my clients include jewelers, fashion designers and models.

I've had to pleasure of being featured on your Time Is Money mixtape series twice, but how did you come up with that concept and who are you working with next? The "Time Is Money" series came to me while at Super Bowl Weekend in Miami. It's a random phrase I just utilized for the title. Celebrities such as Juelz Santana, Kanye West, Pinky XXX have all contributed hosting for the series so far. Upcoming installments will include Ja-Rule, Maegan Belle, VH1's Junk and a few surprises.

Damn, I gotta hear those! So what DJs inspired you to do what you do now? I watched DJ Kay Slay create his empire literally from the streets with the mixtapes and I respect his moves.

What's the hardest thing about being a DJ that no one knows and what's the easiest? The hardest part is that today's industry forgets that an MC's backbone is a DJ. Way back there was no rapper without a DJ to rock the show. (e.g. Eric B & Rakim, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince) notice the DJ's name comes before the rappers in those days. That respect isn't there anymore. I don't think anything about being a DJ is easy. The new wave internet based DJ's have the easiest job. They've never owned a pair of 1200's. They're career is based off of downloading songs that are accessible to anyone online and packaging them up, only to distribute right back online. The game has evolved totally.

So i know you must have plenty Shout Outs? I'd like to thank every studio, every label office, every artist who've opened their doors to me, gave me exclusives, advice, etc. Everyone in the world who ever listened to one of my mixtapes and followed my Bakery movement for all the years and the loyal fans who will remain in the years to come. Shout outs to God for the daily blessing. Lastly shouts to you Klear J for featuring me.

Glad I could help, you looked out for me first. So where can people find your work and where can they contact you for work? You can find my work all over the streets and on www.bakerymixtapes.com and can contact me through the form there or direct email which is djwats@gmail.com

Check Out some of DJ Wats mixtapes from the Time Is Money mixtape series on the KLEARJOFFICIAL HOMEPAGE RIGHT NOW!!!
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