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Interview with DaCustomzier


DC is a street art provider that specializes in mixtape cover. He is one of the most talented Graphic Designers in Atlanta, GA. His company can do ever style of cover art that there is. "It's nothing we can't create." he says. The brand DC has been around and based in Metro Atlanta for the past 5 years and it still creating top of the line Mixtape Art and custom advertisement for many people. DC services clients with professional art and is planning on expanding into others areas of art as well. He states that "This is just the beginning." Check Out His Interview!!

So what's good man? I already know you but tell the people who you are. I would introduce myself as DC

So how long have you been Graphics Design for people and who all have you worked with? I have been doing graphics for 5+ years, I did some coverart for DJ lazy K, Grand Champ, Datboy Chris, ManMixtapes.com, Klear J, KG Productions etc...

It's a lot of people out here that do what you do. What makes you stand out from others? Everything i create is beyond my time, and plus everything is in HD, lol.

And the Graphics game is like the rap game, it's new people everyday. Do you feel like it's hard to keep up with the competition? NO, because there is no (competition) if you ask me.

Any Shout Outs you wanna give? Yea, everybody who helped the brand DC, much love and thanks.

So where can the people go to find your work right now? You can find my portfolio on my site. http://www.wix.com/DCForever/artprovider
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