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Interview with D.B.C. aka Dat Boy Chris

Dat Boy Chris (D.B.C.)

Atlanta, GA breed, 80's baby Dat Boy Chris (aka D.B.C.) is known for his impecable talent as a rapper but his musical vision reaches way beyond rap itself. At the very young age of 5 he began playing the piano. He continued to play the piano while exploring other instruments over time. At the age of 9, he knew he wanted to be an artist so he began writing raps and exploring his talent. It wasn’t until age 11 in 1999 he discovered he wanted to become a rapper. In the early 2000s, he created many groups with friends and cousins that included The Forest Family and Kartell Ent. But after lack of interest in music from group members, it left DBC the opportunity to go for dolo and seek out a solo path which he calls simply "the movement." He describes his self as a creature, something far from ordinary that was never seen. Dat Boy Chris looks to receive a major deal, but in the meantime he's been on his grind trying to be heard. His latest projects which included Dem Official Boyz Vol 1 (2006), Da Demonstration (2007), We Run Atlanta featuring Black Kingz Generation (2008), and Da Takeover (2008), have collectively moved over 5,000 copies independently. DBC a producer, a songwriter, and rapper plans on big things, so big things are soon to happen. Check Out his interview with KlearJOfficial!!

What's good bruh bruh? Tell'em your name man Dat Boy Chris or DBC for Short

Now i know you from work you've done with my boy Grand Champ, but how long have you been doing your thing? I been rapping for 10 years and i have worked with many artist and producers. The list goes on some famous and some local starting in the home part.

Cool, so who really made you wanna rap and why? Eminem, Outkast, Jay-Z, Nelly, Tupac, and all the great artist and writers, mainly because of the work they put out. I mean honestly the music speaks for them.

We both know that hip-hop changes all the time? Do you find it hard to keep up with the competition? Its not hard to keep up with the competition; its simple to me but its harder when the audience places you in the wrong category against others that's not really competition.

I can dig that bruh. I know you got some shout out to some people though? Yeah, Everyone that has ever helped me know i appreciate them. I cant go too deep into names because i dont want to forget anyone, but i can say thank you for this opportunity and thank God for placing the people around me thats working with me in my life.

So if we wanna here more from DBC, where can we find your music! www.myspace.com/datboychris www.twitter.com/datboychris www.facebook.com/datboychris my mixtapes are on datpiff.com

Google Dat Boy Chris you will see all my sites and datboychris.com@gmail.com if you want to do work together
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