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Interview with DJ LW

DjLW/Quality Street Music/Young LW Prod., the hottest underground production and promotion team to come out of the South, bringing to the mainstream the new phenomenon to hit the streets- Tha "Quality Street Music" Movement. A compilation of raw, unadulterated, QUALITY, and undeniable banging beats coupled with incendiary and provocative lyrics, his mix tape will revolutionize the mix tape scene.

A son of the South, DJ LW learned his skills in musical arranging and styling on the streets of Nashville,TN during a hip hop explosion of the early 90’s. With musical influences such as OutKast, T.I. Lil’ Wayne, 2Pac, Pistol, Kool Daddy Fresh and Biggie just to name a few, he combined the flavor of the South and the technology of the future to create a new QUALITY sound. Fascinated by his mother’s love of music, DJ LW took his God given gifts of music arrangement and his knowledge of electronics to produce mix tapes that spoke for a restless unheard generation.

When DJ LW was new to the game, his swagger and untapped talent landed DJ Smallz to host his debut mix tape in April 2007 which started the buzz in the streets. In 2008 he dropped Tha Unsigned Movement Round2 and Tha Re-Up w/ D.Cooley from DSA putting himself officially on the map out of Tennessee. In 2009 the "Quality Street Music" movement began he dropped The TakeOver, hosted a "Take Over" release party where the mix tape artist came thru an performed there hit song he's says "We had to shut da city down and Take Over."

DJ LW is a member of Rocharder Dj's started in ATL with over 60 Dj's nationwide also, he's 1 of the iH$ (I hustle Squad) dj's (Squad started by Finess Da Boss a indie artist out of Nashville, TN). He has been nominated for the 2011 SEA Slept On DJ of the Year. His talent have hit the club scenes around the Nashville area at Haze, Pearl, Cafe Bella just to name a few and can be seen live every Friday an Saturday night at Lizzi's Bar and Grill in Nashville. You can also catch him as a guest Dj on the panel of Showcases at the Ruthledge.

Giving his professional and Quality he has also provided entertainment for numerous weddings, receptions, parties, an reunions. He also provide upcoming producers and artist access to the Quality Street Music movement with mix tapes and hosting opportunities. 2011 is the year of reckoning as DJ LW takes southern flavor to every unsigned artist across this nation. With innovative savvy promotions, Tha South Unsigned Movement, Tha South Unsigned Round2, Tha Take Over Vol 1, Just Because I Can and a variety of upcoming mixtapes.


What's good bruh? Introduce yourself to everyone!
I Am DJ LW a Independent Dj that promote nothing but Indie Artist and Upcoming Producers thru mixtapes and club gigs.

You have been DJing in this game for how long now?
I been Dj'ing since 2006, i droped my first mixtape in 2007 hosted by DJ Smallz called "Tha South Unsigned Movement featuring Indie Artist from the South.

Who all have you worked with so far?
I have worked a list of Indie and Artist and Upcoming Producers that have provided songs and beats for my mixtpae. To name a few Finess Da Boss, Surreall, D. Cooley, YdotGperiod, etc.

What is your most famous series of mixtapes and who would you like to work with?
I started with a series called "Tha South Unsigned Movement" now i have two series i am doing one is "Quality Street Music" and th e other is "Just Because I Can". I am now finishing a mixtape with Louisiana Cash from Louisiana called "State Of Mine" The Theraphy Session. I hope to work with artists like Tity Boi, Dorrough, Bun-B, T.I., etc.
As far as influences go, what made you want to DJ?
I became a Dj because i love music and electronics, and i wanted to create a outlet of mixtapes for only Indies.

Beside your name, what really make you stand out?
I stand out from other Djs because i cater to the Indie artist on mixtapes and help with promotion.

People think that DJing is fun and games, but what is the hardest and easiest aspects of DJing?
The hardest thing about being a DJ is making name know and staying consistant. The easiest is to please fans and a crowd.

Do you feel pressure from the competition?
I don't feel like i have competition, because i'm in my own lane.

So who would you like to shout out?
I would like to credit to all the DJs that paved the way for me and gave me a plateform to build from. I want to thank my family and most of all God for my talent. I cant forget all my fans and supporters. Before we end this, tell the people where they can find your work and where they can get at you? You can find my mixtapes on sites like Datpiff.com, ThatCrak.com and more. You can contact me direct @ 615.424.7194 or myspace.com/dlwonline, twitter.com/djlw, facebook.com/qualitystreetmusic

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