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Interview with Emily Camille "The Emily Experience"

Emily Camille was born in Texas, raised in Kentucky and has been in Alabama since the early nineties. “I claim the South as my home because these different regions all contributed to the woman that I’ve become.” While attending college at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama, she was approached by several photographers requesting her appearances on websites, flyers and regional magazines, which she declined.

As the time went by and the offers presented themselves even more, Emily decided to look into it. After joining the then overly popular networking site, MySpace, she decided to go out on a whim and contact websites that hosted guest models. “I will never forget. I went to www.royalthickness.com and actually got a response! He [Owner] told me that I had the look to take this thing farther but I needed professional photos. So he told me to get with a professional photographer and get back with him in a year. That is what I did.” Emily decided to join a model networking site, as advised by now mentor and owner of www.royalthickness.com, Money Moses. She then met photographer Rich McCant in Montgomery, Alabama, did her first photoshoot in November 2007 and in May 2008 she was in the first issue of SkinTones Magazine. The rest is history.

Since Emily’s appearance in Skintones Magazine in 2008, she has become the face of www.royalthickness.com, has appeared on www.ggurls.com, www.blackstallionz.com and has even been on the cover of a magazine; Stunnaz February 2010 Valentine’s Day Special. All in less than two years. “This was never suppose to happen! I was supposed to go to college, graduate, get a job, get married and be raising kids by now! Now, I am running my own business! I am an entrepreneur! I don’t have to say I ‘model’ as if it’s a hobby anymore. I can say, “I am a model” just as a doctor can say he is a doctor and a teacher can say she is a teacher. This is paying the bills! This is a career!”

So what's good babe? Tell the blogworld what your name is sweetie!
My name is Emily Camille and I am an urban print model from Eufaula, Alabama.

And what's your measurements again?
My measurements are 36-29-53.

I had to ask for the fellows out there. LOL. So how long have you been modeling and who have you worked with?

I have been modeling for 2 years now and I have worked with so many photographers and models, I would hate to start naming them and forget someone.

What really inspired you to do modeling work though?
Someone asked me to shoot for their magazine, I did the shoot, the photos were published and my career went from there.

Damn, so it wasn't hard for you at all to adapt?
It is fairly easy and I didnt have to demean myself to do it so I stuck to it.

I know a lot of models are just a cute face, big booty and a smile, but what make you different?
My personality. I can be the sexy, big booty model everyone wants but after the shoot is over and the make-up and lingerie comes off, I have to be more than a pretty face and a big booty. People love me for me. Not the way my body looks.

So i know that all the dudes wanna know this, are you single, dating, married, what's up?!?!
I am single; it is hard to be in a relationship in this industry. Trust has to go a long way so if I ever decide to date, it will have to be someone in the industry that is twice as busy as I.

So when you are not modeling and turning head what do you do?
I dont have much other free time so in between modeling, I work as a bartender and I sleep. Sounds exciting, right?

I'll take a Henni on the rocks LOL, but do you feel like it's hard to keep up with the competition?

Not at all because I put myself in a field as its own. I am 5'3 with a 53' inch booty, I weigh 203 lbs and my measurements are 36-29-53 and my body is 100% natural. There is no competition because I am kinda in a league of my own. I just have to stay on top of my game and keep this well put together body together.

I can dig it! So, Any Shout Outs?
I am my manager, my stylist, my hair and make up team, everything. I'd like to shout out all of my fans because without them, I would be a random chick with a nice body. @LMDAFOXX @PrettyHustlaz and KlearJ for interviewing me.

So where can people find you?
www.theemilyexperience.com, Twitter @ExperienceEmily and my blog; www.theemilyexperiencewithemilycamille.blogspot.com

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