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Interview with KTOXXX aka Goldie Jackson

There are hip-hop artist that come from different facets of the entertainment business, but only a select few actually grow an audience that help them to crossover. Some, like Drake; TV star turned Hip-Hop Megastar, are very forturnate while others, like Shaq, tend to miss the mark a little.

I have yet to see anyone from the industry of Porn successfully capture an audience in Hip-Hop until I saw the Grind that "Goldie Jackson" posesses. Some of you (that watch X-rated films) my know the Oakland, Ca. native as ChristyXXX, Crystal Davis, or even as her new hip-hop moniker KTO XXX. But what you don't see, when the camera is off, is that raw hip-hop skill that she displays on the microphone.

KlearJOfficial decided to dig deeper into the hip-hop side of the very sexy Miss Goldie Jackson and give you an interview with who i think will be another leading lady in the music industry.


What's up beautiful? Go ahead and introduce yourself to my fans!
Hi,I'm KTOXXX from Oakland,Ca. Repping fearless female hiphop.

Like the sound of that! And you have been rapping for how long now?
i've been rapping since I was 14

OK that's great! I know some of my fan know you from various films adult films you've done, but you also model right?
(Yes)I've done adult modeling with a focus on breast magazines.
Cool, let us know your measurements.
My measurements are 38F-26-36(ALL-NATURAL)

It seems like you've already had a great career, so what influenced you to be a model and a rapper?
I fell into the arena of Adult Modeling simply because of my unique measurements and exotic look. I have always spit; even doing ASCAP Showcases and being featured on Bay Area Hip Hop Albums. I do music for the love (and) The Photos paid the

I can dig that. What do you feel makes you stand out from others?
The fact that I'm an Adult model ,which carries a certain stigma, but I have undeniable skills. That's the feedback I've been receiving.

No doubt. So for all the fellows thats tryna holla, tell us, are you single?
I'm single because I'm married to my career at this time.

Sound like my Motto! So let the us know what are your hobbies and interest?
I love meeting people, listening to new music,and writing. In the near future, I want to pen a book. I just have more chapters to live first.

Do you feel like you have alot of competition in your field?
I don't. This is why. I am myself with what I speak on because I have lived such an unorthodox life. As the music unfolds, so will my story. There's a lot more than what meets the eye.

And that what we strive to show others about you! Before we end this interview, any shout outs?
I want to S/O all of my twitter & facebook followers. My biggest shoutout is to God because without HIM nothing is possible.

Where can people find your work?
www.reverbnation.com/ktoxxx www.youtube.com/kto69able you may download the BlackBerry Diaries Mixtape at http://bit.ly/bp9VLq

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