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Interview with Prada Swag


R&Bsinger/Songwriter/model/Lyricist, Pradah is a rising star born and raised in Monroe, LA, who has enrolled in various performing arts schools and was first exposed to singing and dancing competitions as a child as well as her church choir. DeBurr rose to fame in 2000 as the lead singer of the R&B girl group TNT, the 1st girl group at her high school and is known as best high school girl groups of all time. Pradah is now a solo artist under the management of Charles Cyrus. She also has a promotional team (Team Prada) ran by fans who adore her work and talent. Her debut album 'Unpredictable Swag' ,released in 2009, is available on ITUNES and is climbing the charts to potentially be the #1 album. Pradah's 1st single is called 'Prada Swag' a dance inspired song that can be found on YOUTUBE!. She has recently released her highly anticipated second single "Imma Dime Diva". Become a fan of her today and her Ms. Pradah at www.reverbnation.com/pradaswag and subscribe to www.youtube.com/sxysahmeka. Pradah is one of the most honored female singing artists by the Awards and Trophies, and 2nd among female artists in Monroe, LA and #1 in West Monroe, LA, with 16 awards. Check out her interview with KlearJOfficial.

What's up Prada? Sexy as always! Introduce yourself to the world. I'm Prada Swag, the hottest artist on the rise with a triple threat. I'm a girl who sings her ass off, rap, and model!

Well damn, that's what's up!!! So how long have you been triple threatin' and who all have you worked with? I have been singing since the age of 3, started writing my own songs at the age of 16. I just regently started rapping 6 months ago I always played around rapping but just started being serious about it, I also model off and on for 10 years.

So what do you think makes you stand out from other females that are in this game? I stand out from other females because my talent is so natural, I've never taken lessons I was born with my gifts my drive is unexplainable I go after what I want until I get it, and God is the reason for all of my acomplishments with Him I can do anything but fail!!!

so do you feel the pressure of competition from any male or female? Competition? I don't know what that is(lol) I feel there is no competition I feel like I'm on top already. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but God gave everyone a different talent and mine is so unique that it can't be duplicated.

Are there any people that you wanna Shout Out, Prada? Shout out and thanks first and foremost goes to God, then my parents, my manager(Charles Cyrus), my producers (Rodnae da Boss and Lil Fred Finister) my publicist(Yvette Lee), and ALL of my fans especially my #1 fan (you know who you are)!! Last but not least you, KlearJ for making me a part of your project!!

Well i'm glad that i could help you!! So where can we find your music and booking info? Music:www.reverbnation.com/pradaswag www.youtube.com/sxysahmeka Album: Unpredictable Swag My Debut Album ==> http://t.co/vWlB3Rp <==on iTunes Follow me on twitter @pradaswag Contact For Bookings: Ms.DeBurr(318)331-5671 *** IF YOU LIKE HER SWAG GET A COPY OF THE ALBUM FOR ONLY $8.91 ON iTUNES for ONLY $8.91 CAN'T BEAT THAT get yours today and support MS. PRADA!!! http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/unpredictable-swag/id373001126
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