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New Music: Bola aka Black Betty Boop "Everyday" feat. YungLA

Bola aka “Black Betty Boop”, known prolific rapper/writer from Grand Hustle. With the success of Grand Hustle label mates Bola is sure to make history with her solo album that is set to end out 2009 with a bang.

From 1999 to 2002 Bola began honing her skills as a MC.Regularly, she went to the local record store owned by Oomp Camp were they sold Southern Style mixtapes that drove her to investigate what was then just her initial spark of interest in Hip Hop. It wasn’t before long that Bola began writing her own poetic stories and which soon grew into full fledge rhymes. At 15, she formed group Xtaci with childhood friend Sunshine. They in turn decided to approach T.I. backstage in hopes of becoming members of the Grand Hustle family. Also at the age of 15, she signed her first deal with her group member Sunshine to Grand Hustle, her parents hadn’t the slightest idea that she was spending her time at the Grand Hustle studios which began in a small Apartment in Atlanta.

Bola spends a lot of her time in the studio writing music and collaborating with Grand Hustle producers like: The Engineers, Nard and B, C Gutta, and Raz. She also has reached out to upcoming producers like female producer Coney Girl who she says she vibes well with. Bola states, “As women we have to help each other showcase our talents, and when it comes to music it doesn’t matter to her how big or small as long as it’s hot.”?

Her credits include, appearances on many mixtapes released by PSC and DJ Drama, and has worked with artists like Young Dro, Yung Joc, and Yung L.A. Her constant grind has allowed her to travel the world to places like London and Germany.

Bola is a sexy but yet mysterious rapper to transpire into her generation. With the guidance of mentor T.I. the audience can expect powerful delivery. Like him she is a chameleon when it comes to style. Bola also posses the same qualities and sassiness that can put her audience in a trance like her leaders. As far as musical influences, iconic MC?s such as Lauryn Hill and Tupac Shakur were always an inspiration when deep in thought.

It’s not hard to see where her passion lies being present throughout the hardships and triumphs of her Grand Hustle label mates. Inspiration and unconditional support from Grand Hustle, Bola, is destined to give female artist a new definition.
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