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Rich Homie Quan Takes Shots At Future

Reported By KlearJ

If you have been keeping up with the hip-hop industry like we have, then it's know surprise that newcomer and T.I.G head honcho Rich Homie Quan and Freebandz boss Future has been at odds over biting each others style of verbal delivery. Well, now Rich Homie Quan has decided to mention it in a new track.

The track entitled "A Nigga" (produced by Dun Deal) has been pushed online and features a line in the song that seems to be directed to Future and those who say that they sound a like.

“I’m back like the future, nigga," Quan says. "Quan, you the future. Ooh. Who? / Tell 'em, don’t confuse me with Future, nigga / Pockets fat, retribution, nigga.”

This lines seems to be a clear response to Future, who has gone on record in the past to critizes those who carbon copy his delivery. In an interview with Sway In The Morning in August 2013, Future says "I started this; You use the same pattern. You can’t use the same pattern that Future uses. You can’t say, ‘Turn up.’ You gotta say another word. Make the world feel what you saying...You sound like Future. You can't just have the same rhyme patterns as Future. People gon’ put you in the Future category."

He also went onto say that Quan sounds nothing like him. "I haven't really heard nothin' but the song on the radio. I really don't get into other artists like that. But he doin' good. I wish him well."

We hope that this doesn't heat up to be a major beef, because this wouldn't be good for Atlanta.

Check Out the "diss" below and tell us what you think.

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