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Rihanna Tweets To Fans About Sex Show, Led To Arrest

Reported By Chantell Lemons
Rihanna headed to Twitter to let her fans know about her experience while on vacation and it is crazy. We at Mic Hustlin have heard alot of wild news, but this story is sure to be one of the wildest for a long time.

In September 2013, after a trip to Phucket, Thailand, Rihanna decided that she would tweet her extreme experience to her followers. These number of tweets lead to an arrest on the island. Read what she wrote below:

WOW! Now back to the story.

According to Billboard.com, the owner of the bar in which Rihanna was present was arrested and is facing charges for Obscenity and Operating an entertainment venue without a proper permit. Authorities found out about the bar that morning after Rihanna tweeted about what was going on. Official said that they were not able to catch them violating the law until that Saturday night.

Now this isn't the first incident like this in which the Pour It Up singers social media rabbles have put someone in jail. If you follow Rihanna's Instagram, then you remember her hanging with a loris that led to an arrest at that time. In clear description, she gave a visual of sex acts involving animals also.

So Mic Hustlin, Is this innocent tweeting or a little dry snitching? Give us your opinion.

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