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Update: Future's Back On Drake's Tour

Reported By KlearJ
Atlanta Rapper Future has allegedly been dropped from Drake's "Would You Like A Tour" Tour and now sources say that he is looking to get his kick-back in the tune of 1.5 million dollars. That's $40,000 that he would have made per appearance. This news comes days after Future tweeted about a Billboard story that he was misquoted in published in October 2013.

The crooning rapper was quoted by Billboard.com for saying, "Drake made an album that is full of hits but it doesn't grab you. They’re not possessive; they don’t make you feel the way I do.” The assumption is that Drizzy Drake felt some kinda way about with what Future said and dropped him from his upcoming tour. Sources also say that Future made this statement because he wasn't featured on not one of Drake's songs on his last LP.

Reps on both sides are quiet about the issue as of now, but Billboard did release a statement saying "We regret that miscommunication surrounding Future’s recent visit, one that seemed clear to us was on the record, may have caused any trouble for the artist,” said a rep from Billboard.

Drakes "Would You Like A Tour" tour, which also featured singer Miguel, is scheduled to start October 18th in Pittsburgh, PA. It's also will make stops in 50 cities around the U.S., so it should be in your town if you want to check into it.

UPDATE: Future Back On Tour with Drake.

According to Beestroh of HotSpotATL.com, Future is back on the "Would You Like A Tour" Tour with Drake atter the two settles their differences last night. This news sparks a day after it was reported that Future was kicked off the tour after a statement that was made to Billboard.com that was apparently misquoted.

Watch The Video Below:

I guess when the 1.5 million dollar suit hit Drake's table, the tune changed!

So Mic Hustlers, do you feel like this was a publicity stunt to boost the tour?
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