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"Diversity & Numbers" (Interview with @FliUniversity)

Interviewed By @KlearJ
MT-Teezy 808, King Tone, and Leak make up a perfect combination for the group Fli University. Based out of Atlanta, GA, this group bring nothing but quality street music with a mix of backpack-like swag that has been undeniable in certain hip-hop circuits around Atlanta.

Describing their music as "theme songs" to the greatest nights of your life, they bring a a distinct and diverse sound from the south that will eventually change the way that people will listen to rap. MT-Teezy 808, a Mississippi native, brings the more artistic side into his verses and delivery, which defines what he has to say in each song, Leak comes from Stone Mountain, GA and adds the style that most southerner now relate to, and King Tone fires experience in his lyrics from his upbringing as a Talladega, Alabama native.

Mic Hustlin now brings you the exclusive interview with @FliUniversity:

So what's up brothers? Tell our readers the name of your group? 
Fli University (Members: MT-Teezy 808, King Tone, and Leak)- It's not just a group, it's a movement, it's a lifestyle. We are Young and Free, dress Fli and we party every day like we are in college. Money, Music, Mary Jane!

What type of music do you perform? 

Hip-Hop/Rap, but some of our songs have hit of R&B and even Funk. In our video Ms. Good, Leak is singing the hook, so some could say its hip-hop/R&B. We even have a few pop songs. We have a song that sounds like Funk. Actually, we just make good music, we don't have a genre.

You guys have a very unique name. How did you come up with that concept? 

Our label named us. They just brain stormed on what really embodied us as a group and they came up with something that could be a lifestyle and describes us. We live life like college kids, we are learning, making music, partying, and dressing fli everyday.

So for the people that have never heard your music, How would you describe your music to them? 

Our CEO, Black, says that some of our songs are similar to Drake or Future, but with a little twist to it. Our songs are very chorus and rhythm driven. You are going to be drawn in by the chorus and want to sing along with us.

As a child, what type of music did you grow up listening to? How did it influence your music? 

Leak listened to everything, actually didn't listen to much rap at all growing up. 
MT - more influenced by B.I.G and Aaliayah; 
While Tone was influenced by a combination of music from all genres as well.

What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music? 

We can't remember the exact moment, it feels like there has just always been a desire to create something and the creation is music.

I've seen alot of your shows. Some in-person and some online. How long have you been performing live? We have always performed "Live" with each other in the studio. We have only been performing live with each other as a group for a few months. We all, individually have performed before we met, but only a few months publicly as a group.

What do you think your biggest break or greatest accomplishment has been so far in your musical career? 

I think our biggest accomplishment is when we performed at Apache Cafe at B. Rich's exposure showcase and we catch their ear. Defient and their team enjoyed our performance, felt our energy and talent and brought us to the studio later that week and allowed us to start working with some of their producers.

What has been your strongest influence to continue performing? 

We love the energy from the crowd. there is bond between the creator and the listen in the audience and feeling the energy from the reaction to the music we make is an experience. The experience can not be enjoyed without an audience and without them vibin' to the music. So, we want to keep making music they can vibe to and keep performing to get that "high" feeling when we perform.

So tell us what some of your songs about? 

We make songs about what we feel at the time. Our first single "Ms. Good" is just about finding that 1 lady that makes you feel incredible. It is a little explicit, but sex can be an explicit act at times. Our song, "Do You," is about just being true to yourself, "I'm do me, do you.." Its about individuality and getting about to being real and original. We also have a song called "Nobody Helps Nobody," and its explaining how everyone is just out for themselves these days. We have a song called "Night Shift" that is getting into regular rotation at Club Onyx by DJ Krunch. Its about strippers, not only strippers, but people who have to work at night and hustle and do what needs to be done to make it in life.

What do you think makes your music unique from other artist? 

We are a 3 member group, we all bring something different to the table. Leak and MT are producers and rappers, while they both sing on the hooks from time to time. Tone is the rapper. Everyone's voice is distinct and we all have a different personality, but it all comes together well.

If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive, or retired who would it be and why? Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Biggie, 2Pac, Aaliayah, the list goes on. Too many people to name, but those are some of the great performers and artist of our time.

Is there anyone special you would like to thank for making your dreams come true as an artist? 

We want to thank all of our day 1 supporters, our family and closest friends that come out to all our events, video shoots, and we also want to thank our label Black Emerald Music Group for taking a chance on us and investing in us and helping us reach our dreams

Do you have any future performance or tours that the people can look forward to?

Right now you can find us at Ferg's 25/8 in East Point, GA on Weds. nights. We have a big show there on 11/20 and 11/27 with some other local artist that you are going to love to see perform. We recently released our single and video for "Do You" so we will be performing around Atlanta, Alabama, and eventually some of the surrounding states. We do not have an official tour set, but when the CD is completed in 2014, we will have a tour for sure.

So, where can the Mic Hustlers find your music online?

Mic Hustlin' would like to thank you for doing this interview with us and we wish you guys much success in the future! Check out @FliUniversity feature song "Do You" right now! To get your own exclusive interview on Mic Hustlin', click here to learn more.

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