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Does Everybody Hate Kendrick Lamar? Even Label Mates?

Reported By @KlearJ
It seems like everyone in the industry is taking aim at Kendrick Lamar as of late. Especially, after the recent name dropping that was given by the rapper in Big Sean "Control" as a change, to not just Big Sean, but any fellow rapper that was named, to step it up.

But since that legendary verse, in which he also stated that he is The King Of New York, Nicki Minaj has come out and stepped up to the plate. So has Papoose, you know Remy Ma's dude, who hasn't really been in the public eye since 2009, has came out with diss records towards Kendrick Lamar. But, it seems like the rest of his TDE fam wants the respect they deserve as well!

In recent interview with MTV, Schoolyboy Q comment on the new cover that Black Hippy has with XXL and expressed how he felt about the cover. “That’s so disrespectful, so disrespectful,” ScHoolboy Q says during the interview. “We didn’t go into that shoot saying, ‘This is Kendrick with Black Hippy photo shoot for the cover.’ We went in there and said, ‘This is a Black Hippy shoot,’ so we expect a Black Hippy shoot.”

But, even before this statement, Ab-Soul (also a member of Black Hippy) threatened on his Twitter to quit the group after the revealing of the XXL cover last month.

All of these statements made because XXL took it upon themselves to single out Kendrick Lamar's name on the cover, in pure 'David Ruffin' style, by publishing the cover with the words "with Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy."

Seems like it is really lonely at the top! Drake was also quoted saying that his words on Big Sean's track where harsh and offensive. Saying in an interview with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, Drake said, "It's just wasn't real to me....those were harsh words, right? You can't just see me and be like 'Yea, man what's up' pretending like nothing ever happened. To me, that's not real. That's not like the nature of battling to me..."

There maybe some hope for Kendrick yet. In the same interview with Schoolyboy Q and MTV, Schoolyboy Q admits that Kendrick is in a different ball game from the rest of the group Black Hippy saying, “At the end of the day and I always say this, too, Kendrick, he’s way ahead of us...He’s a platinum artist. I haven’t dropped my album yet. [Jay] Rock’s working on his major-label album. Ab-Soul’s working on his major-label album. We still haven’t dropped our major-label albums, so honestly, at the same time, at the end of the day, I mean he is fucking Kendrick Lamar. Even though we’re not signed to Kendrick, but he has that impact.”

I personally feel like everything has been push way out of proportion. The imfamous "Control" verse was just a friendly challenge between the people that Kendrick Lamar mentioned and for no one else to jump in or take offensive. If you were a boxer, sparing with another boxer in your weight class, would you take it personally if your sparing partner got a good kidney shot that knocked you down? No, you would get back up and make that side stronger.

So why is everyone taking with Kendrick said so personal? If I was apart of the label that he is conjoined to, I would feel proud to be on a record with the dude who is getting the most attention. It would bring me more attention. Strategize wisely guys!

So Mic Hustlers, How do you feel about Kendrick Lamar?
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