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Eminem "The Marshall Mathers 2 LP" Full Stream Album

Reported By @KlearJ
If Eminem hasn't made it clear enough to you that it's not about the money but the respect, then check this out. The self-proclaimed Rap God has decided to stream his entire album for his fans and listener via Twitter. There is only one catch...you must have ITunes!

Check Out The Album Tracklist, Cover and Twitter Link Below:

MMLP2 Tracklist:

1. “Bad Guy” - 2. “Parking Lot (Skit)” - 3. “Rhyme Or Reason”

4. “So Much Better” - 5. “Survival” - 6. “Legacy”

7. “Asshole” f. Skylar Grey - 8. “Berzerk” - 9. “Rap God”

10. “Brainless” - 11. “Stronger Than I Was” - 12. “The Monster” f. Rihanna

13. “So Far…” - 14. “Love Game” f. Kendrick Lamar - 15. “Headlights” f. Nate Ruess

16. “Evil Twin”


How does this album sound to you? 
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