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"Pressure For My Peers": Interview with YooNeek (@officialYooNeek)

After having plenty of online success, YooNeek is one of the most versatile rap artist thats around. Bred from Adel, Ga, he has gained much respect from his peers releasing mixtape after mixtape of innovative and lyrical content since 2010.

After listening to his catalog of music online, you would likely compare his style to a grungier more gutter Lil Wayne with hella punchlines to boost. Every project that he releases is sure to tease the minds of his listeners with witty one-cutters and his storyboard fashioned rhyme that may put you in reminiscence of clever artist such as Kanye West and Common, except without the backpacks.

Mic Hustlin has managed to grab an exclusive with YooNeek. Check it out right now!

Tell our viewers your name homies.

Where are you from and what type of music do you perform?
Georgia - Rap, Hip-Hop, R & B

And how did you come up with the name YooNeek?
A past group i was apart of call "Money Go Gettas" and was the only one who sing and rap; and it was just so different to one of the members (that) he gave me the name YooNeek (Unique). Paper Slim was his name. Slade G and Lu Cam made up the group of us 4.

And how would you describe your music to the public audience; the ones just seeing you for the first time?
I just speak on what i feel. So, you can say emotion capturing for the most part because i have a story. I say whatever i'm going through.

As a child growing up, music surrounds us. What type of music did you hear the most back then? How did it influence your music?
My mom would always play Slow Jams such as Rick James, Mint Condition, Keith Sweat and stuff like that. I mean i guess that's where the soul comes from because if i can't feel it i don't record it.

Damn good answer! Tell me, what made your first realize you wanted to get into this music industry?
Honestly, i never knew i had it, rapping wise, until Slade G pushed me to do so. But i always wanted to rap from watching battles in and out of jail. It was just something that fascinated me how people express themselves. I always could sing though.

How long have you been performing live?
2 yrs

And out of those 2 years, what do you think your biggest break has musically?
To me, I am not where i want to be. There is always more out there. But me getting 10,000 Twitter Followers, 2,500 Facebook Likes and 10,000 Views on two videos on YouTube is quite an accomplishment where i'm from.

What has been your strongest influence to continue performing?
I mean i watch all great artist perform all day such as Jay-Z, Eminem and such artists like that. The energy they show really motivates me. Future, T.I., Lil Wayne and B.O.B. performs great also.

What are your songs mainly about?
My life and what i go through. The struggle and stress we all deal with mostly and my trials and tribulations on my road to success.

What do you think makes you and your type of music unique from other artist?
Its all factual for the most part. The rhyme patterns and just the emotion that most artist are afraid to show. It's more than cars and clothes. How did you get the car and clothes?

So big question. If you could perform with anyone in the world, either dead or alive, or retired who would it be and why?
That's a hard one. I mean it's alot of great artist out there, but to me i would have to say either Meek Mill, J. Cole, Young Jeezy, Drake or Gucci Mane simply because we share alot of the same scenarios and i know we would really connect.

Ok. I know you got other sh*t to do, so we gonna wrap it up. So, is there any special shout out that you wanna give before we end this interview?
Me and God for the most part, but really all the people that said i couldn't, treated me foul and had negative to say and do towards me on my way up.

Do you have any up-to-date performance plans? Any New Releases? Any Tours?
I have a new EP set to be released in December titled "50 Slab And A Dream" hosted by DJ KlearJOfficial and i have a promo tour that takes off in January in cities such as New York City, Philly, Miami etc.

Do you have any video links where people can see you? Any websites/social networks you are on?
Twitter: @Officialyooneek
Instagram: Officialyooneek
Youtube Search: YooNeek
(Cook, Struggle Edu-K-tion, Shawn Kemp, etc.)
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