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Hotstylz Disses Eminem, Calling Him "Rap Fraud"

Reported By @KlearJ
Hotstylz, creator of the song "Lookin' Boy" released in 2007, has a problem with Eminem and his record "Rap God" and have reportedly dissed him on a song called "Rap Fraud." They are offend about lines used in the song that uses their term 'lookin boy' varies times in one part of the song.

Recently, they sat down with XXLmag.com to voice how they felt about it says, "The first time we even got wind of 'Rap God,' our Twitter started blowing up and people was telling us that Eminem referenced the song," Hotsylz' Raydio G said in an interview with xxlmag.com. "At first we was like, 'Aight, cool,' but at the same time, we was like, 'Fuck Eminem,' because he didn’t reach out to us. He took so much of the record. That just don’t sit right with us. The thing is they used so much of the song, he could have reached out. He could have reached out to us directly. He could have found a way to reach out to us through some kind of channel. We just addressed that issue on a song called 'Rap Fraud.' We addressed how we felt about it."

Hotstylz Krazee added, "So just to piggy back off what Raydio said, yeah, fuck him," Krazee said. "Basically, he could have got in contact [with us] by multiple channels. I’m sure he has the resources to do so. If not, he could have had the label get in touch with us. It’s more of a respect thing, from artist to artist, to just give just due. If went from cool to bad meets evil, per say."

Hotstylz Meatball also added, "Out of respect, just pay homage," Meatball said. "People are going to say, 'Oh, he shouting y’all out and y’all one hit wonders and y’all should be happy that he did something.' But at the end of the day, it’s all about respect. We one hit wonders. That’s the only song we had. Well, that’s our song. We love our song. For you to reference it, and you did so much of the record? They didn’t even reach out to us, shout us out on Twitter, say our name, do anything just to show respect."

Check Out "Rap Fraud" now:

'Rap God' is on Eminem's latest album "The Marshall Mathers 2 LP." If you haven't heard "Rap God" or "Lookin' Boy," check it out below:
Eminem "Rap God"
Hotstylz "Lookin Boy"
So what do you all think of this 'rap fued'?
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