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"Love My Sexy" (Interview with @Misscamiyah)

The newest model the hit the scene is Camiyah Spice of Atlanta, Ga.. Born and raised in the metro Atlanta area, she is the youngest out of two and claims to be "very spoiled." " I have always wanted to be a model" she say, "but my mom never took me serious. Being a single mom, I really could not financially support that dream." She is a role model to her seven year old little girl who she loves more than life itself.

Being in the industry for a little over a year in a half, she has broken in strong. She quote model Nicki Bottoms as her best friend and mentor since she was 26. She hasn't made her mark on this industry, but is steadily on the rise. You can find her on several websites, on many flyer on the web, and around the Atlanta area.

Check out her interview with Mic Hustlin right now.

What's up ma?
Hello world.

Introduce yourself to the Mic Hustlin' fans.
I am Camiyah Spice, Thee Camiyah Spice lol.

The One and Only! So, tell everyone how you measure up?
My current measurements are 40C-34-46.

That's what up! So when did you start modeling?
I started modeling in 2010. I started because I would look at my body all day in the mirror and I’m like“dang she sexy lol.” No, actually everybody has been telling me that I should get into it and I have always been apprehensive about the idea. A good friend of mines (Nicki Bottomz) got into it first and she took me under her wing. She showed me the ropes.and I have been in love with it every since.

Well we all can't deny the "sexy" part. So what encouraged you to go harder?
Like I said I LOVE my body; I felt like I can share it with the world and let them see what I see. I have always wanted to do this and since I am old enough to do the Eye Candy thing. I’m like “hi lets go for it.” I pretty much encouraged myself to go for it. My mom was like “Yea, ok whatever” lol.

So your family is really "supportive" of your choice?
My mom is all for it! My sister does a little modeling as well, but she is a little camera shy so she needs to be pushed at times. And daddy, has no idea that his baby girl models. With the kind of pictures I take I might not tell him lol.

Well let's hope that daddy doesn't see this interview. Lol. Who has made the biggest influence on you?
UUmmm, I would say Pebbles Da Model had the biggest influence on me. She is the REALEST!! She actually follows me on Twitter. She is a very pretty woman and her personality is what I love about her. She is all about her money and her craft; she is like f**k the haters I ‘m doing me!! I call her my mother in the industry and thou I have not met her, trust me I can’t wait for that day. I would also have to say Bria Myles, she is ABSOLUTETY gorgeous. She is a dark skinned sister such as myself. and She is very pretty to me.

Shout Out to Pebbles Da Model & Bria Myles. Who would you say has been your mentor to your career?
I would have to say Nicki Bottomz. She is not just my mentor, but as one of my best friends, she is my best and worse critic. She is always pushing me to get my photos submitted, always giving me advice and just making sure I am doing what’s best for me career. I trust her opinion and she is the best that I know. I would love for Pebbles to take me under her wing one day and really show me the ropes thou! I’m not taking anything away from Nicki cause she will always be my right hand chick. She has always been the only one I can trust in this industry.

Since being in modeling, have you made any public appearances?
Lol, not sure what you mean by that, but I will try to answer it the right way.

LOL. Well I definitely don't mean "those" type of public appearances.
I am a very active person on my Twitter account so I am always asking my tweeps to tell me whats going on in the a ATL. I show up to different events. I love interacting with people and getting to know new people, so if I am invited I try to go. I am known for showing up!! So I hope that was the right answer to your question.

That was perfect! So what is your choice of music and who do you listen to the most?
I LOVE oldies. I have a “old soul” as people call it. Michael Joseph Jackson (Mr. MJJ) is going to always be my favorite artist. God rest his soul!! This music now a days has no life; it is just all over the place. I still drop it low with the best of them, but my music of choice will always be the old school jams.

So what about television and movies? What do you like?
I am a Law & Order SVU fan all day. Its hard to get me to move when it’s a marathon (every Tuesday on USA lol). My favorite movies are: Jason’s Lyric, Love Jones and Love & Basketball in the order…please don’t mess up the order.

Lol. That's cool. So for the fellaz, what your marital status?
I am very single and open to dating.

Tell the fellaz what would you like your typical first date to entail?
I am a simple chick. My first date would be a nice romantic dinner at a seafood restaurant ( I love seafood). Then after that, a night walk along the waters in Savannah, GA, and we end the night on a boat sipping Champaign and looking into each others eyes. Corny I know but it’s the truth.

That's cool. Not corny at all. What advice would you give to others that want to model?
Do your research!! Do not come into this industry thinking you know it all because you don’t. This is a cold cold world and this industry will eat you alive. Be sure you know who and what you are dealing with and just have fun!!

Any Shout Out That You Would Like To Give.
I would like to S/O God before anybody. My mommy the BEST there is. My sister who always has my back good or bad. And Miss Nicki Bottomz, along with the rest of the team that has always been there. Oh and Pebbles Da Model. Thank you!

Tell Us Where We Can Find Your Work.
You can find me and my work on: Model Mayhem, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I post my new work all over my accounts. Oh and soon on every magazine you read glamour and eye candy.

Thanks for doing this interview with us. Y'all can contact Miss Camiyah on her Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/Misscamiyah and on her Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/modelcamiyah.
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