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"Got That "Cronic" (Interview With IndepthJay)

Indepth Beats founder Jay is a hot up and coming Mid-West producer with talent to share. Jay was only 8 years old he picked up his first drum sticks banging anything he could get his hands on to get that perfect sound. By the age of 20 he started making hip hop and r&b beats while also attending school at the Recording Connection to perfect his craft. He enjoy's making music and has the ability to make track's on a professional level as well. He states that if there is anything else he could do his lifetime, that would be to making great music all the time! He recently had a track being placed on the soundtrack "Your Nobody Till Somebody Kills You." Check Out his interview with KlearJOfficial right now!

Where are you from?
South Bend, Indiana

When did you start producing?
I would say about 8 year's ago now. Even tho I have been around music my owe life!

Who are some of your influences?
Dr. Dre, Dj. Battlecat, Dj Quick, Timo, Dark child, Neptunes, Kayne west. There's to many.Lol.
Who have you done work with in the past? Underground Artist, Tv/Film

What is one of your favorite works?
I would have to say this west coast track I made called "Dripping Down The Corner."

Who would you like to work with in the future?
That's a great question... To be honest I would like to work with anybody that I could. I think as being a producer, you should never limit to whom you want to work with!

What are you working on right now?
Mixing, mastering, beats. Always staying busy!

Any Shout Outs or acknowledgements?
Placed for a soundtrack "Your Nobody Till Somebody Kills You" Also running my own online business. "And making money" lol.

Where can people find your work?
http://www.cronicbeats.com http://www.soundclick.com/indepthjaybeats Thanks To IndepthJay for the interview. Check Out His Tracks Below:
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