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"Juss Write" (Interview with JussLexx)

What’s good? Introduce Yourself To Mic Hustlin Blog.
JussLexx aka A-Dubb

Nice to meet you. What city do you rep?
Oakland, California.

When did you start game spittin?
I have been writing since around 12 yrs old. Started with poetry and short stories and has evolved to spoken word and now rap.

Ok. You are an all around writer. So, who are some of your influences?
Life is my influence. I write about what I see and hear; what I feel and what I am going through from day to day.

Yeah that’s the true influences on us all!! Who have you done work with in the past?
I haven't done any work with any top names, yet in the hip hop/ rap community but a name to look out for is King Sneak that's my Ace and group mate (No Creases), but in poetry one of my best friends is Geovannimarcel she is an amazing writer and we often go back and forth with each other.

That’s the business! When you have the opportunity, Who would you like to work with in the future?
I would like to work with a lot of people, no one name sticks out really in rap I would really like to work with Ice Cube, E-40, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jay-Z and the list goes on and on and on. I think I could learn a lot from them. In poetry I would like to work with GAME (Georgia Me), Black Ice, Tommy Bottoms, and I would just like to sit in the presence of Maya Angelou she is the truth.

So we know that you like poetry and music. Tell us what your favorite work, Poem or Music?
One of my favorite works is a poem called "A Dream Deferred" by Langston Hughes.

Cool. I’ma have to check that out!! And what project are you blessing right now?
Right now I have a couple of things I am working on. A Book of Erotica, (which) should be out soon. I will be getting back in the studio to record some spoken word for a poetry mix tape. I am also working on two novels. And pretty soon No Creases will be joining forces again to drop another mix tape. So, I pretty much stay busy.

OK. That’s what I like to hear!! Any Shout Outs or acknowledgements?
Definitely! Shouts to my manager Beauty 4gENT in the buildin'! Shouts to my bruh Sneak we about to get em! Shouts to the whole 4g family! And shouts to my family and friends that continue to support me in whatever I do!

Where can people find your work?
You can find my work at www.4gENT.webs.com, www.jusspoetic.webs.com, www.nocreases.webs.com, and you can get a copy of my book at http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/i-aint-no-spoken-word-artist/15597760?showPreview
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