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"Man Of Many Talents" (Interview with @SinSir1st)

Entrepreneur SinSir is a man of many talents and a man that hold many hats in entertainment. Not only is he an artist that has been featured on many different albums and mixtapes, but he is also the owner of Vision Magazine; an online magazine that support many unsigned and major artist in the game.

Since linking up with the producer for a Tribe Called Quest in his beginning, SinSir has been placed in rotation on well over 35 radio stations, which includes FM and even internet radio. He has been featured on multiple mixtapes that range from many Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes and Suckaproof DJ mixtape with the likes of many artist ranging from Tyrese to Rick Ross. He has also hosted a of Coast 2 Coast mixtapes as well. He has also worked with The Indie Music Network, VH1 and with multiple radio stations in "The Big Apple."

"My job as an artist is to seduce, amuse and entertain" he says about his career in music.

His latest and greatest work, Vision Magazine, is created for the purpose of displaying articles that range from CG arts on 3D modeling, composite, animation, as well as the hip hop indie circuit. Created in 2011, it gives artist the chance to showcase their work, upcoming mixtapes and albums, and also to help radio shows link up with new talent. The interactive magazine is able to be view on the internet for everyone to see and links to other websites, features, and music pages as well. He has features from King Magazine and The Source to Urban Ink and Hustlenomics placed in his great work.

Check Out His Interview with KlearJOfficial Now.

What's up bro? Introduce yourself to Mic Hustlin'.
SinSir, Independent Music Professional Managed by Def Jam Universal A&R Veteran, Michael "Goldie" Greaux / CEO Vision Magazine.

So when did you spark Vison Mag and what sparked the idea?
I started it the beginning of the first quarter of 2011 for the sole purpose of displaying articles that range from CG arts of 3d modeling, composite, animation as well as the hip hop indie circuit. This magazine will be releasing monthly issues. from top highlights on up and coming artists to interviews and fashion photos and much more.

Vision magazine is fit for every young audience that wants to know and be in touch with what is going on with their favorite artist; to information on how to design visual effects in videos, 3d designing & animation and to even to how to build video games from scratch. In Vision Magazine, it will express how there is so much talent on the streets in your very own neighborhood, but no one is willing to give them the opportunity to utilize there skills and talent.

I’m what you call a very diverse artist. I design everything front to back from the articles to the graphix. Also besides the magazine, I’m a indie 3d animator and video game designer so (i'm) using this to my advantage. I use what I learn in that field and display it in the magazine to teach the audience the how to’s in video editing, from using sony vegas to adobe after effects. (From) the graphix using photoshop to even the special effects, VFX and the 3d side of designing. (From) the 3d models to animate into game engines.

Damn. You do it all! So, what encouraged the drive to pursue that dream?
I’ve always been an artist as far as I could remember. The first pictures I designed was Voltron in 1st grade. Since then, been wanting to further it into what I do today. Even though I’m freelance in all fields ,since jobs are limited, I decided to bump it up to 3d technology to make these ideas a reality and as well jump on radio stations and mixtapes to get out to the people. Music is entertainment and the entertainment industry still needs the artist side of things for good music videos, movies etc.

So I've viewed the magazine and I'm also going to be featured in it as well. You have done alot of issues to date. What were your favorite ones?
Every issue I came out with. Because, each issue I do requires blood, sweat, tears and a lack of sleep. Knowing this, I can’t pick a (favorite) because it’s like giving birth to an incarnation that houses a part of me every time I do it.

That's deep! So who has influenced you to go hard?
The man in the mirror and the industry that tells me I can’t do it. From radio station artists to mixtape artists, to gaming company’s, to even animation company’s. As well as A&R’s that laugh like I can’t compete and will fail every time I try. They act as if I’m less real from the Hip Hop websites to the company’s. I came out, with in a few months time (I) hit 5 Million hits on my mixtape play list. I hit 36 radio stations. Top 8 @ 8 number 1 spots on the radio including FM radio. Top 50 artist in the country, even being featured on Suckerproof DJ’s and Coast 2 Coast. Like 10 mixtapes past 2 months under Coast 2 Coast now, to being the host of the mixtapes. So from every radio station I get onto, Mixtape that I’ve been featured on, Movie I’ve been in and more, it's just my way of saying F**k you I could do it by myself. One Man Army sh**.

Believe me bro, I know how that is! Who would you say has been your mentor?
The internet because I learned real fast with the things I don’t know in the 3d designing realm, as well as the VFX. I do the research and (the) trial and error phase (for) everything. Beside that I, take good advice from fans, friends, artists, mangers and more (on) how to get the biz side, (and the) music right, and how to protect myself from the greed of the industry.

Teaching yourself is the best way. So what type of music do you listen to and who is your favorite artist?
Hip Hop, but I dabble with all kinds of music. From freestyle to ganster rap, hip hop to dancehall, pop to even reggatone. I try to do many things with the music, so it’s not always the same. All time favorite artists, I really don’t listen to other rappers or anybody for that matter. Sometimes I take the time to tune in to see whats going on, but since the 90’s I’ve always like Bone Thugs & Harmony. Sometimes, I may sound like Big Pun, Fabolous, Llyod Banks, or whoever the fans say I do, but more so the influence comes from Bone. I rap at their speed, I got in some songs the same flow and more. All together (that's) the thing that keeps me balanced.

So I know that you have done some shows with all that you do, right?
I have done this live performance out in Killa city Jerz for the radio station, which was live recording not where there is a delay in transmission to the listener, but live and tore it down! More so, I avoid doing shows since it’s a scam were they tell you that you must pay to perform to make a good Hip Hop resume. Really who you lying to? Do you go to work every day, tell your boss to keep your pay check? And to top it off, pay them for you to work for free? No!! You're suppose to pay the artist no matter what you think! So, no more shows till I get the right booking and/or manger to handle me getting paid, not me paying them.

That's what we like to hear at Mic Hustlin'. Work hard to get paid. Not pay long to get work! How do you handle the stress of working on multiple projects?
No stress. I luv what I do. I do 10 things at once while blowing down some trees and just luv it.

Lol. Sounds like the life!
I got to admit being freelance is very hard, because you got to make sacrifices and the money. At first, isn’t so good, but I’m in it for the long run. The only probs I come up with is rendering animation, computers break down, crashes, lost files etc. I get cheap refurbished computers and go threw them like socks.

That's the best way to do it! What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous?
Think realistic nothing is going to come to you. There is no leprechaun on the other side of the rainbow holding a pot of gold with your name on it. You got to do a lot of research on what your doing, whether it’s the how to plan, how to structure your financial plan, color categorize your rolodex, who to network with, where to spend your money, on whom you spend your money and so on . There is no easy way. Only one way, determination, and persistence. There is no I will sell a dream. You think there for you are, so make it happen.

Any Shout Out That You Would Like To Give.
To err one that takes the time to listen to me on the radio, pick up a mixtape, reads a magazine and hits the like button when they see my graphix and 3d design They momma, they daddy, the dealer in the ally and to all who show luv and support.

Tell Us Where We Can Find Your Work.
www.itsmyurls.com/sinsir Twitter @SinSir1st Facebook=SinSir / Vision Magazine. Website http://www.wix.com/sinsirsvision/svisionmagazine and my other site http://www.wix.com/sinsirsvision/sinsirmedia#!home/mainPage.

I appreciate you doing this interview with me. Y'all go check out Vision Magazine and check out me, KlearJOfficial, in the new issue. I promise that yall will like it.
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