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"Beauty In Compton" (Interview with @TawanaMarie)

Beauty comes in all sizes and Tawana Marie is here to prove that statement is absolutely correct. Born Tawana Cunnigan in the ruthless city of Compton, CA, Miss Marie has always been in love with fashion and she enjoys strutting her stuff done the runway and into your heart.

Her runway training hails from Thixotix Modeling Troupe and she has also worked with some of the most acclaimed photographers and designers in the Southern California area. Some call her a DIVA, but she calls it simple being fabulous!

While most model try to stick with the traditional smaller shapes and sizes, Tawana Marie just stick with her modo "Embrace Who You Are" and loves the fact that she is a sexy size 16. "I want others to look at the confidence I exude and project from within," she says.

This beautifully stunning plus-size model is also a Hair Stylist and boldly states that in the near future she will own a hair salon and a Plus Size Boutique.

Check Out her interview right now with KlearJOfficial!!

What's up sexy lady? Introduce yourself to my followers!

I'm Tawana Marie.. A 26 year old plus size model Born in Compton, CA. residing in Lynwood.

What are your measurements?


Just Beautiful. And you have been modeling how long now?

For about a year now. I received model training from Thixotix modeling troupe, I've done runway shows, commercial shoots and have worked with great photographers. Facet Photography, Kem West photography, two twenty two photography, Forbidden kiss designs, Torrid, Taste-fully clothing and a few more.

You are having a great start!! What influenced you to model?

I've always loved fashion, being behind the camera and on the runway excites me. It's fun and my photos always seem to stunn the critics that have negative views about plus size women. I have always thought that i was just as sexxy and beautiful as the skinny model next to me. Beauty comes in all shapes, colors and sizes! However, models like Tocorra Jones, Naomi and Tyra have been a big influence.

Beside being a Plus Size model, what really sets you apart?

I'm just being me! I'm very kind- hearted, humble and honest. With me what you see is what you get. No phony, No fake!

Lets be real then. You are a sexy and beautiful woman. And i'm sure the fellow wanna know, are you single?

(I'm) SINGLE!!

Why stay single though?

I don't believe in settling. I have standards that must be met and until I'm able to find the one that appreciates what I have to offer and is somewhat of an equivalent, this is the way it's going to remain. Nowadays, LOYALTY hardly exist! I'm afraid of that. Besides, I'm extremely focused on school and modeling and hardly have the time to date to even weigh my options! But in do time I'm sure God will send me that special someone.

I can understand that. So let the fellows know whats your hobbies and interest?

Well I'm a bit old fashioned! So with that being said I love the kitchen. I love to cook and cater! Vibing out to some KEM or Ledisi with a glass of wine while preparing a feast is my thing. When I have the time i enjoy reading, shopping and more shopping!

Do you think there is any competition in your field right now?

Competition?? No way! Again, I'm just Tawana Marie. No one can be a better her, No one knows her like I do. She's just in her own lane and being the best her she can be! I support all upcoming models that are trying to do there thing. There's no competetion! I love to see women making moves within the industry. Its Inspiring!

I know you have some shout outs?
Thixotix modeling Troupe founder and CEO (Tania Capree) she's one of the most humble, supportive people I've ever met. Kem West Photography for always keeping it professional.. I so appreciate it! My Friends..which are like family (Shandrea, Willie B and D-Double for just supporting me) means a bunch!

Where can people find your work?
For Bookings and detailed info: tawanamarie@gmail.com http://hoodacademyhoneys.com/Tawana.html www.twitter.com/tawanamarie www.modelmayhem.com/tawana

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