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"Hard As A Rock" (Interviews with Stone)

Stage phenom and Hip-Hop sensation, Stone, born Anthony Stone, first began his interest towards music when he started to DJ in mid 2003 at local parties and dances. This opportunity linked Stone to an independent artist that first took his eye towards Hip-Hop as a rapper. Starting at an earlier age, Stone developed a knack for rhythm and flow, which eventually led him to the plateau he is at now. Stone first started his Rap career as a member of Hip-Hop group the “Gordon Boys”. In late 2008 the “Gordon Boys” released their first LP entitled “Southern Ways” which became a big hit in the South, GA area. Only one year later, Stone released his first solo album “Triumphant” which hit online stores in October 2009 nationwide and continues to sell. Soon, Stone will release his sophomore mixtape album entitled “Fresh Produce” hosted by DZY Beats (Upcoming Hot Producer). The mixtape will include all original lyrics, a couple of remixes but mainly 98% of the mixtape will be produced by DZY Beats himself. Also included in the new mixtape other than, of course, ingenious lyrics, will be featured collaborations with rising independent artists.

What good bruh? So what do you go by man?

As just, Stone. People ask if it's just my stage name, but find it interesting that's it's actually one of my real names. Something like, "What's up, StoneÉ"

That's the business. So How long have you been rapping?

Started rapping about 3-4 years ago, performing now about 6 years ago. Actually started with the guitar then escalated to the pen and mic.

Damn that's interesting!! So from there, who all have you worked with?

I've worked with regional artists such as Jimmy HenneC, Scar Dirty, Cloroks, Ben Wells, Static, and national artist Derek Cate. Shared the same stage with Lord T & Eloise, Almost Kings, Brantley Gilbert, Colt FordÉas Nappy Roots, 2 Live Crew, and Vanilla Ice.

Sounds like you've been going hard pimp! With so many style surrounding you, how would you describe your style?

Many have described me and my style as a white Lil Wayne. Though I don't care for the classification itself, I will thankfully accept it. My style personally ranges from witty/clever Young Money type punchlines to the deeper Eminem type scheme on some more serious tracks.

So beside being one of the few white rappers, what else do you think makes you stand out?

I think my cleverness in my lyrics makes me stand out, plus my stage presence/performing. If you've never seen a show, find one. I'm not just another mc holding a mic, rapping along with my tracks. I talk to my audience, the venue, the fans. I interact with the people at the show, they're not there to listen to the tracks, but see a show, and that's what I do, give them something to enjoy.

Do you feel like it's hard to keep up with the competition? Explain why or why not?

I don't necessarily look at it as hard or not hard to keep up with the competition. I'm not really trying to keep up, but do my own thing. Success comes from acceptance, the music I put out is music I enjoy doing, the fans either accept it or they don't, and right now, they are gradually accepting the music. I don't try to be like the stereotypical rappers, my personality and persona comes out in my music. I'm not necessarily from the streets, projects, back roads, and the sticks so what I rap about is what my life as been about, and I believe that there is a common balance between both styles, and I like to think I found that balance.

Is there any people that you would like to give credit to for helping you? Any Shout Outs?

Definitely shout out to my producer Drew Seebeck aka DZY Beats, my boys Ben Wells, Cloroks, Jimmy HenneC, E-rich (E-richMusic.com), Static, Blake, Josh, Trey, my sister Dana, and of course my mama who makes it all possible. Shout outs to my dad too, R.I.P.

Where can people find your work? If you have any Contacts list here too!

You can find all my music on my official Facebook page or ReverbNation page. http://www.Facebook.com/MusicByStone
http://www.ReverbNation.com/StoneOnline (Official Online Store on ReverbNation Page, merch., music, accessories, etc).
For any Booking information: email: gordonboys@ymail.com
Phone: 229.375.1802
Some Music/Album on: iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, Napster, etc.
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