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Lil Kim - "Dead Gal Walking" (Audio)

Reported By  @KlearJ
The 'Queen Bee' is back! Lil Kim is prepping to release her new mixtape entitled Hardcore 2K13 and today we are pushing her new leading track "Dead Gal Walking."

Lil Kim recently sat down with MTV News and had this to say about the record:
"It's a very strong, serious record, but at the same time, feel-good,"she said. "There's a lot of things that can turn you into a dead girl or a dead man walking and nobody wants to be that. So, I guess my message is 'Don't become a dead girl or dead man walking. Live your life right'."

Well enough chatting, I know that you want to hear this track if you haven't heard it yet! Check it out now!
music provided by TwitMusic

So Mic Hustlers, Do you like this track?
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