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Rapper Angel Haze Talks About Maybe Being "Pansexual"

Reported By @KlearJ
Angel Haze recently spoke with Fusion TV and opened up about her sexual identity after being asked if she identified with pansexuals or people "who love across a spectrum." Not the one to be closed minded, she said "It exactly is...If I had to identify, that is the term I'd use to describe how I feel,..."

The rapper went onto say that she doesn't like labels on sexuality and classifies herself more so for other people. She also explained that her sexual identity hasn't much to do with actual sex and she's still a virgin. Haze stated, "I see people for who they are...I don't base all of my relationships off of sex. I'm still a virgin... I care about connecting with people on a deeper level...I want something that's deep-rooted."

You can read more about this story on RapFix.

So Mic Hustlers, What do you feel about Pan-sexuality?
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