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Trinidad James & Maino: Has New York Really Lost Hip-Hop To The South?

Reported By @KlearJ
Trinidad James has went in on what he thought about New York rap. Recently, the Atlanta native took a blatant shot at the birthplace of Hip Hop. At first, he showed love to NYC rappers mainly the legendary DipSet crew. James told the crowd at a recent concert that the south is running New York right now.

“I remember when New York ran this sh*t." Trinidad James said. "When Dipset was f*cking turnt the f*ck up; What the f*ck happened? I remember when New York rap was the sh*t, and us in the south, us bamas, we was like ‘what the f*ck?’ and we just did our own thing. But now we run y’all, that’s crazy.”

Trinidad went on to tells the audience, ”I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you wanna do something we can do something cause I don’t give a f*ck. I’m just being honest with you… Now every n***a popping out of New York you might as well tell he from Atlanta.

But check this out Mic Hustlers. NY Rapper Maino stepped up to defend his city on Twitter by sending Trinidad a verbal warning saying:

After this comment, Trinidad went to Twitter and stood behind his words as a "real" dude saying:

He also responded to Maino saying:

Afterwards, he went on to state the New York fall off is so drastic that media writers are becoming more
famous than the rapper, shouting out Elliot Wilson of RapRadar:

But, is Trinidad James right? There aren't many mainstream artist from New York that are popping right now. From memory, I can name French Montana, which reps New York heavily! French's music career took launch when he was apart of Atlanta's Mizay Entertainment along with Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka at the time. He made the best out of the southern market and incorporated southern hip-hop into his style.

And then you have A$AP Rocky, who started and came up out of Harlem. Breaking his first single "Peso" on Hot 97, he stated that some of his influences come from some of the south's most legendary artist such as UGK and Three 6 Mafia to name a few.

Maino had a reason to stand up for his city. He is a thoroughbred Brooklyn cat that sites most of his influence from New York hip-hop legends like the late and great Notorious B.I.G. & JayZ. But, could Maino also agree that the musical influence in his city has changed and given New York a backseat in Hip-Hop since the beginning of the 2000's?

Where are the New York artist that will take Hip-Hop back home to the Bronx? Or will East Coast hip-hop be lost in New York for a longer time?
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