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Reported By @LadyKlearJay
Since embarking on his musical journey, Bee Dee Swaggna’s life has revolved around his music. Rising artist and songwriter, he is no stranger to music. Blessed with a natural gift of writing, Bee Dee began songwriting as a teen and hopes to capture the essence of human experience in his songs. “People fall off, get their hearts broken, and people struggle,” he said. “I want to capture all of that in my music and I’m inspired by everyone and everything around me.” 
The release of his first Project in 2005, “Exercising Da Flows”, created an instant buzz in the neighborhood. Even though the streets was digging the project, Swaggna wasn’t satisfied the product. Instantly, Bee Dee went back in the studio to work on “Exercising Da Flows Vol. 2.” When this project was released in 2006, the streets were blown away. Swaggna’s fan-base rapidly grew throughout the state of Mississippi. Even though this product grew his fan-base, Bee Dee Swaggna still wasn’t convinced that his sound would take him to the next level. 

In 2007, Bee Dee decided to take a year off from recording to perfect his flow and find himself as an artist. During the layoff, Swaggna hooked up with a hometown friend who has made big name for himself already in Mississippi, Arkansas, and other states in the south. The two worked continuously to help find best solution for Swaggna to deliver his music. A year later, Swaggna was ready to return to the studio. With a new sound and new attitude, Bee Dee wanted a new Mixtape Title. Instead of using “Exercising Da Flow Vol.3,” He decided on the title “Trap Wise.” For the time in his career, Bee Dee felt like he was the artist that he has been always searching for. 
In 2008, two years later, Bee Dee Swaggna released “Trap Wise.” The project gained fans far beyond the state of Mississippi. With over 10,000 units in the streets, Bee Dee music branched out to over 6 states, over 20 cities, and over 100 counties. Even though Swaggna was satisfied with his music, he started to question the quality of the music. He began to notice that the quality and clarity of his music wasn’t as clear and crisp and the music that was on radio. By spending so much money at the same studio since 2005, Bee Dee decided to take another break to learn the craft of Recording and Audio Engineering. 

With the knowledge of Recording and Audio Engineering, Bee Dee has finally found the sound that he was missing. Instantly, Swaggna picked right up where his left off. He was prepared to give the streets the very best of him. In 2011, Swaggna was back in the studio to record his latest project, “TRAP WISE 2.” On January 2, 2012, Swaggna’s Birthday, TRAP WISE 2 was released. And this time, not only did the project shock the streets, but the internet as well. With over 3000 mixtape downloads on www.Datpiff.com in just the first week, Bee Dee was very proud that all of his hard work has finally paid off. With hopes of becoming a major recording artist, Bee Dee Swaggna is an active member of BMI and has the determination and talent to stop at nothing to make it to the top. Bee Dee Swaggna has opened up shows for Yo Gotti, Young Jeezy, Yung Joc, Gorilla Zoe, Gucci Mane, and several more major artists. 

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