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Reported By  @LadyKlearJay
BMTS grew up in a musical family, his dad and uncle were singers/musicians. So, he was surrounded by Teddy P, Jimmy Hendricks, P-Funk. He was a good student, and his aptitude scores were high enough for him to skip two grades, but his mother refused. He was known in the neighborhood as “Tuffy”. A nickname given by an elderly neighbor. “it was really Alabama Tuffy, because I was quiet, but would fight anybody at the drop of a dime”.

He later formed a group with local friends called B.A.M. Posse. He was originally a DJ, but after hearing RAKIM – changed. They were a tight group, all but three stayed in music/entertainment. Mike manages Lionel Richie, Dave VP for AEG Live, Buddha Klinx Rap/Reggae, and BMTS still mic'ing up and ghost writing. So...After a mixtape/demo got out - they were approached by Dre, and then Ant (from CMW); but they were young and their folks weren’t hearing it. “Brown, shot some stuff to his homey DJ Quik”, but the focused had moved to locking in on a college. He went away to college, then joined the military with his cousin. He became a certified FAA Air Traffic Controller. That’s when he moved to Europe and met his longtime friends DJ Triple-D and DJ Physique. He was in the movies: The Affair, Black Spring Break 2000, and on VIVA.
He had songs out with WEA, Motown, and Polydor to name a few. He and Triple-D had a hit single “I Need Your Love”, which was initially broke in the UK by DJ Tim Westwood. He later worked with London artists, IG Culture (One Drop), Elisha Lavern (Maxi Preist), and battled wear-ever he could (London, Paris, Belgium, Koln, US). He was feature on Choice FM w/ DJ 279, and various stations. Toured Europe opening up for stateside acts like TI, Missy Elliot, Outcast, Busta Rhymes, Da Brat, Timberland, Guru, and others, and MC’ing alongside Eruos best DJs: DJ Physique, DJ Triple-D, DJ Cosmic, DJ Sake.
He had a few aliases throughout the years, BMTS has been the staple. He grandmother from Lousiana called him big man, but it came out “Big Main”. The “Two Sidez” came from friends that said he had two sides: musically – Hip-Hop but favored R&B, Quiet – but could turn up when it came to family, Stingy with money but the first to help someone in need.
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