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Reported By @LadyKlearJay
David James Smallwood was born on November 1st, 1986 in the small town of Safford AZ. When David was 4 years old his father was locked up until he was 15 years old. With David’s father being in prison, David started heading down the wrong path as well. While living in Gilbert, David was caught selling drugs, had two felonies cases against him and was kicked out of high school. After being kicked out of school David’s mom had him move back to Safford to live with dad. David didn’t have friends in Safford so it was hard for him to keep occupied and stay out of trouble. David eventually came upon music as something to occupy his time. David’s passion for music was brought out of him by Bone Thugs-n-Harmony with the song “Crossroads.” David then had a passion for hip hop and enjoyed exploring artist such as Scarface, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Twista, Tech N9ne and more David soon learned the words to songs and was able to mimic the way the artist present the music, even the way they could control the different sounds of their voice.
At the age of 16, David started writing his own lyrics and gained enough courage to present his poetry to the high school football team. The team heard his raw talent and encourage David to take it to the next level. As the year went by David grew popularity amongst his classmates and they all supported his great talent. David was able to build the courage to perform infront of the whole school at an assembly. By the responses David received from the students made he believe he could make his dream of being a hip hop artist and make it a reality. 

In 2005, David being only 18 years old had overcome overwhelming adversity, graduated from Safford High School and had music directed him on the right path in life. The day after graduation David moved back to the valley and started to pursue his music career. Working with different producers and local artist, David was involved with many groups like D.O.C. (Defender Of The Cure), Psychotics, and 500 Boys with Artist J Slugg.
On November 3, 2006, David preformed his first show opening up for recording artist Hannibal Lex & C-Thug. Through the next few years David sharpened his craft and worked with more artist & producers. Then On February 16, 2008, David had his first headline show at The Detour in Chandler,AZ. his opening acts where; Hannibal Leq, and 2-D, M.E.T.H. LAB, and ZonaBoy Records Artists Finess and Mr. Hampton(Mayham). In August 2009, David signed a 2 year contact with Money Power Respect Entertainment with Cahleb Brach for Management & Booking. David has opened up for big name industry recording artist such as Fat Joe, Young Buck, E-40, Marques Houston, Too Short, and many more. 

In the beginning of 2010, David James and Eshawn Lane founded WE Entertainment.
David James completed his first project called “Arizona In The Flesh Mixtape” (which is available for download now at www.therealdavidjames.com), in 2011 "I am the King of Arizona, I wish someone would test that." (David James said) Now is the time for all of us to come together and build this melting pot of talent and business into a multi million dollar empire. I want to work with everyone with true passion and drive for music. Lets GO!!"  David James Just Released his debut album on May, 21st 2013 "LOUD" produced by Super Producer Wade Martin, with features from rising stars Katy Cappella and Mister Hampton. Available on Itunes,Amazon,and Google Play Store. 
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View his website at http://www.therealdavidjames.com/
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