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Reported By  @LadyKlearJay
Maurice Xavier Robinson (Doc) Born November 5 1993 in Yuma, AZ. His parents meet in Arizona during the desert storm conflict. Once Maurice was born, at the age of 1, they moved to Queens, NY. At the age of 2 Maurice’s parents filed for a divorce, and Maurice was left with his two cousins, Nathanial Robinson and Lee Gibson, and mother. Maurice and Nathanial were the same age, but Lee was older. Not having that father figure in their life, Lee took onto that role. Things were very hard coming up in the QueensBridge Projects; also home to Artist Nas, Mobb Deep, and Basketball player Ron Artest. So like every other kid at the time, Lee started selling crack cocaine. Doc was so interested in the lifestyle his cousin was living, but was not able to participate in the lifestyle. 
Lee told Doc to find something else to get into; so Doc found interest in music. This was around the time 50 Cent and G-Unit had a big influence in his neighborhood; so they had an influence on Doc. In the beginning Doc would rap about the life he saw his cousin live, but as the years went on and the game changed. In 2007 he moved to Houston, Texas, we’re he started a rap group called JHC (Junior Hustle Click). They later changed the name to Empier. By 2012, Doc has recorded 20 mixtapes. Dj Green Lantern has hosted one of his mixtapes, Coast 2 Coast, and also Big Sean. Doc is now working on his 21st mixtape entitled New Hyghts: The Mind.

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