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Upcoming: @furilloStar "Crazy"

Reported By LadyKlearJay
FurilloStar was born in Flint, Michigan, with a star quality necessary to shine in an industry full of talented individuals. Destined to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry, Furillo began acting and singing since the tender age of three years old. He was more so convinced that the he belonged in the entertainment industry, when he viewed the first taping of the Michael Jackson Concert. Furillo decided he wanted to be the type of iconic entertainer that they mold other entertainers after.
He began diligently writing and working on his songwriting craft. Furillo's hard work came into fruition, when in 2012 he released his first video to his single "Crazy". His single and video, "Crazy", were met with positive reviews which led this young entertainer on the path toward achieving his dreams.
In 2013 he completed his first full project, a mixtape titled "Once Upon A Time", named to mark the beginning of his journey into the music industry. The songs on "O.U.A.T." are fun and sexy, produced to excite any individual who is listening. To counter the excitement, there are also emotional songs about relationships, love, and heartache relatable to everyone! With this R&B infused mixtape, FurilloStar will definitely begin making his mark in the entertainment industry.
With plans of performing and touring across the States, Furillo will embark on his mission of spreading his positive message and intoxicating music worldwide. He wants his fans and supporters to remain believing in themselves and maintain a relentless attitude to never give up on their dreams. Having overcame many hardships, Furillo considers himself to be a "Trooper" and calls his fans "Star Troopers"; who can fight through any of life's adversities and rise victoriously. FurilloStar will no doubt become an influential individual who will forever remain a shining force in the entertainment industry!
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