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Upcoming: @Honourrebela (Annalie) - "Acoustics"

Reported By @LadyKlearJay
Annalie is a Trinidad & Tobago native with a passion for performing Reggae and Soca music. Growing up in the Caribbeans, she was heavily influenced by multiple genres of music after hearing her mother play the sweet melodies of old school artist such as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and many more. "My mom would often listen to some old school tracks, which I think added to my perception of music." She said.

At the innocent age of 10, she began to explore with different sounds on her own and found the gift of singing and songwriting. She sites her biggest influence in music as "The Fugees" front lady, Lauryn Hill. You can hear much of her influence in songs such as "Acoustics" and "Roses" both performed by Annalie.

She had this to say about where she vision her future in music. "I always wanted to be in spotlight. All I really want in life is to be successful."

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Listen To Here Track "Acoustics" Below:
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