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Upcoming: @MegynHermez "Mary Jane"

Reported By LadyKlearJay
Megyn Hermez professional journey is anything but typical. One fateful submission to a Craig’s List ad as a back up dancer for the soul legend Charlie Wilson of The Gap Band. Hermez found herself touring the world performing at The Grammy’s, The Wendy Williams Show, Lopez Tonight, The Mo Nique Show, The Essence Music Festival, Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage, Steve Harvey Annual Hoodie Awards, Macy’s Music Festival and The Golden Trumpet Awards. Within the course of two years, Hermez found herself on over 200 stages around the world. “I have to admit when I auditioned for the gig, I had no idea who Charlie Wilson was,” Hermez openly admitted. “In fact when I went to the audition, it cost me $10 to participate. I was unsure of the legitimacy of the gig because when I arrived it was an abandoned building on the outskirts of Detroit. The next day when I got the call back and found how truly legitimate it was, I was in shock!” She had accomplished all of this by the young age of 19.
From the time Hermez was five, she started traditional and trained dance lessons, including ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. Throughout her adolescent years, Hermez traveled to Spain to compete and take second place in World Cup of Dance, she’s performed for the NBA and most recently Hermez beat out hundreds of dancers to be one of the seven ladies featured in Guap the newest Big Sean video which has received over four million views on You Tube.
Over the past two years, Megyn Hermez has turned her efforts to a full performance career. “Dancing has always been the base of life, Hermez stated. “I’ve always loved to sing and I have a feel like that my stories were written to be shared with the world. The songwriting process is cathartic and soothing for me. I feel so grateful when people tell me how much they appreciated my music and how they related to the lyrics. “
“Anxiety” the single of Hermez’s latest album Music is Music, was written from a place of personal experience. “I don’t agree with the doctors telling me what I have and or who I am. Everybody has demons to battle and unfortunately people are easily influenced by what others say to them, Hermez reflects. “I hope this single helps people connect with what helps make them feel that inner peace and not look to others for the answers in life.” Hermez is currently writing and recording her up & coming EP titled, "Steal My Crown" which release date is TBA. Megyn Hermez is 23 years old and hails from Novi, Michigan. She currently resides in the Metro Detroit Area. 
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View her website at http://www.megynhermez.com/
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