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Upcoming: @MossDaBeast - "Live From The Elevator Mixtape"

Reported By @KlearJ
From just following him on twitter (@MossDaBeast), it is very evident that Moss is no novice to the music business. Moss Da Beast is Chicago born and bred that has cultivated multiple genres into his music. Recently, moving to Nashville, TN allowed him the opportunity to become very familiar with southern culture and gave him the chance to expand his knowledge of the music business.

Now, honing his 8 year background in management, Moss is working hard on his solo career. Released in August of 2010, his 1st solo mixtape ”Almost There” was well received by fans with songs like “They Know Its Me” and “When It Get Gutta.” The latter being nominated for the Hottest Single in the 2010 “Hip-Hop in the Ville” awards. Since then he has released several mixtapes all available on Datpiff.com.

The Live From The Elevator tape that was released in late 2012 earned moss his First sponsorship through Hoolegunz Clothing. This project also inspired The Live From The Elevator documentary that is in the process of being add to the NetFlix catalog very soon. If you can't wait to view it on NetFlix, you can also find it on YouTube.

His first solo album “Lebron Jordan Kobe” is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter of this 2013, with singles such as “Got That Bag” which is available on Itunes, along with “Hangover” produced by a few of Alabama's own super productions.

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