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Reported By  @LadyKlearjay
Sasha Marina was born in Hialeah, Florida and is of Cuban descent. She now lives in Miami, Florida, which she describes as, “a cultural gateway where people from all over the world come to live. Miami is one big different place. It's beautiful, but it’s not easy to live in.” Throughout elementary and middle school, Sasha played volleyball and basketball, and even had the dream of joining the WNBA. When she hit high school, her interests turned to acting.

She has been acting, modeling and training since the age of 15. Has appeared in several independent films, television shows, infomercials, and fashion shows.  As well as doing voiceovers, charity projects, host shows and events.  Sasha’s other experienced passion includes PR, Social Media Marketing and blogging.

“When dealing with PR, Social Media, blogging or even branding yourself, I like things to be clean, simple, and to the point, just like me.”

Sasha has an Associate in Arts degree in Drama, and currently perusing a B.A. in Communication Arts with a Minor in Theatre. In the past several years, her interests have expanded to journalism as she feels it’s something that comes to her naturally.  Sasha was the lead reporter for "Positive Teen Magazine" publication in South Florida, with also an advice column for the youth called “ASK Sasha.”

“I began in this Entertainment business because of acting; I've done several projects in independent films, short films, and Spanish TV Networks such as Telemundo and Mun2. I love hosting, so I started off by hosting on Blog Talk Radio, for Positive Teen Talk. Once I grew up from my teen years, I created my own show, "The Sasha Marina Show." I’ve also participated as a regular panelist for a web series called "What Girls Think!" on Firstrun.tv. I've hosted several sorts of events. Now I lead host a web show called "Take Flight Show” created by DJ Smiley Miami on a Music Network called UniverseMiami. I’ve gained enough credibility to be accepted as part of the “Women In The Arts” aka WITA Miami Committee as of this August.”

She credits her mother, family, and friends in helping her realize that life is what you make it, and in order to accomplish goals, you must work hard.
“Through the journey of pursuing my dreams I’ve accomplished many things. In this developing career I’ve come across obstacles that have made me mature faster and live life with more knowledge and understanding than many young adults in present day,” says Sasha.

Marina hopes to help educate young people. She believes that, “education, knowledge and experience is key in life especially in the world we live in now.”

            Sasha spent the Summer of 2013 in Los Angeles interning at a Casting Office (Bill Dance Casting) and an Acting School (ActorSite), in order to continue gaining knowledge and experience in all aspects of the industry.

“I’d like to thank those that have been there for me and everyone that continues to support and trust my talent.” 

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