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Upcoming: @THEORPHANS202 "I Do It Right"

Reported By LadyKlearJay
THE ORPHANS, formed in 2012, are in fact just that. THE ORPHANS are two stranded musical souls who have teamed up to do the impossible; breathe life back into Hip Hop. God!va and Joker oddly enough met on twitter. After meeting at a beat listening session the two decided to team up; this subsequently marked the beginning of their partnership. Each being equipped with a skill-set that would make them dominant as solo artists makes THE ORPHANS a lyrical super power. 

     These indie artists are carrying the torch for Broke 4 Real Entertainment and they are here to stay. Their debut single "Bubba Kush" is a playful energetic track intended to get the crowd moving, and it gets the job done. Both members of THE ORPHANS were born in Washington, DC. They were raised by music loving families in which has enriched their lyrics with a grittier but yet optimistic view on life. Much of their music is reminiscent of a fighter's anthem. Through their music you will hear that they are bruised but not beaten, sometimes down, but never out. THE ORPHANS love Hip Hop and when they do what they were put here to do, no one does it better. It is certainly clear that they are both inspired and gifted artists, driven to leave their mark on the music world that these "orphans" can now call home.

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