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Reported By LadyKlearJay
Formerly known as “Chewdagod” (aka Chewdagodzilla), Isaiah A.M. begins each Studio session with a pack of Newport 100’s, A bottle of Moet Rose and Cranberry Juice. “Stay stabilized, Stay “Hooli”, Stay healthy.” Never over indulging in any of the three he’s always prepared to take the next step on his journey through his “vikinglife”.
Sky seems to be only the beginning of the limit for Isaiah A.M. (Isaiah Abdul Malik)
Born and raised in New York, the city and its people influenced him to make a raw, soulful, lyrical, and melodic artist who is not afraid to speak up and go against the grain if necessary to deliver his message and have you relate to him.
Owner of E.S.O.M. and Fishboot Ent. artist, Isaiah A.M. has plans to build a legacy for not only his children but for people that are truly hungry and deserving of positions in businesses he plans to set up. From Construction to Production he has a lot of major moves to make and little time to waste.
In 2013 Isaiah A.M. will be releasing the “Last Godzilla” mixtape with features from Fishboot Ent. and E.S.O.M. Artists. After the mixtape is released he plans on working on a tour and dropping the “I AM 86” album.
“There’s a plan and a purpose for everything in life and, I’m too busy fulfilling that purpose. No matter what, I can’t let a minute pass by.” Dedication to his art, unmistakable talent, a respect for the past and a vision for the future. Isaiah A.M. has a future that looks bright as the summers first sunrise and delivers HEAT with intensity. Yes indeed the future looks bright for the young man as he begins to make his mark on history.
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