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5 Tips On How To Book More Shows

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If you are reading this, then I would assume that you are looking for more shows for you or your group. But, I can also assume that you haven't had as much luck as you would like. There are plenty of independent artist out there that are successfully touring their respective areas, the United States, or even the globe and are making money doing what they love! Well, they are also spending tons of money on booking agents that are taught the "in and outs" of what it takes to get their clients great shows! If you don't have the kind of money that it takes to hire a booking agents, then we can give you FIVE (5) tips on what you can do to get more shows under your belt! Let's start now. 

1. Create Great Music To Offer To Your Audience.

You should know by now that the music industry at it's core is people who love music. So, creating great, high-quality music can gain you more fans that will support whatever that you do. If you have great, high-quality music, pass it around to friends and family. Do Not disregard Open Mic Nights at your local clubs and venues. They may not pay anything for your performance, but Open Mics could be a great start and a great place to network with new fans, build new relationship with club promoters, and gain comfort in the limelight . Make sure that you are professional. If you have to sign up for a spot, BE ON TIME. Most importantly, make sure your show ROCKS. 

2. Find Great Venues.

Doing an extensive Google search can fill you in on many places you may be interested in performing your music at. On your Reverbnation, you can also find bands in your local area that have performed at different spots in your city. But, please make sure that you are targeting places that are interested in your genre of music i.e. Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock etc. For example, don't be like The Blues Brothers and end up having to change your style to fit the style of the club. Unless your catalog of music is this extensive:

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3. Contact The Promoter or Venue. 

After finding the venue that best suits your style, the number one key is to Build A Relationship, BUILD A Relationship, BUILD A RELATIONSHIP. Call and professionaly introduce yourself to a promoter or venue manager and find out what their booking process is. Make sure that the promoter or venue plays your type of music. Give them value by bringing something to the table that can help them. Example #2, if you are a high school or college student or just have a crackload of friends, it's wise to let the promoter/venue know that you have alot of people that back your music and you are sure that you can fill the house! A Tip To The Wise: People feel better helping you when you first offer something of value. If they like what you are bringing to the table, make sure to get the information (Email, Facebook, etc.) and move on to the next step!

4. Have A Great Press Kit (EPK) 

Now, if you don't have an EPK, it's time to research what an EPK is. Your Electronic Press Kit is gold in this industry and to have one makes you RICH! Make it short and sweet adding just a professional picture, professional biography, your professional music & some video clips (YouTube link preferred) with multiple shows that you already filmed of your Open Mic showcases. Also, prepare a range of dates that you would like to perform on and see if their schedule can fit it. Worse case scenario, you will hear this: "Hey, we love your music but currently we are booked up beyond compare. We can give you a call when any new dates open up." If this is the case, on to the next step! You can get a FREE EPK at ARTISTECARD.com

5. Follow Up.

Keep in mind that you may not be able to book every club that you call. In the may-lay, the club may be so over-booked that you may not hear from the promoter or manager in months to years. So, every month or so, call back and ask to speak with the person you originally contacted. Email the person that you originally contacted as well. Make sure that you make yourself or your group known to that person and you just might land the gig!

So, to sum everything up, create some top knoch music that will build your fanbase, Find great venues that suit your style, contact those venues and build relationships & send them an up-to-date EPK of your work. If the first for steps don't land you the gig, follow up until you die!! 

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