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Upcoming: @_Ashtin_Martin "Galaxy"

Reported By @KlearJ
When you hear the first note you will know that a new sound has been created. Smooth soulful harmonies combined with sharp piercing metaphors create euphoric feel-good music. Singer/songwriter Ashtin Martin is quickly making a name for himself on the r&b and hip hop scene. New singles "Gold Ceilings Marble Floors" and "Your Soul Your Mind" represent his soulfulness and creativity. Both songs have been labled as "great" and "trendsetting" by some of the industry's top DJ's, record executives and notable radio stations across the country. Ashtin Martin is a prolific rapper/singer and song-writer who loves to go against the grain. His style is different... His flow is different... His sound is different. "I made my own line. I have never been a follower of trends... Trends fade in and out as the seasons change. I'm here for the long run."

Ashtin is no stranger to the music industry, during his high school years he was a member of r&b/hiphop/dance group "Threat". Threat rocked the stages with artists such as Avant, Omarion, Bow Wow, Mario and more. "I love being on stage... the energy of the crowd is euphoria for me. All I want to do is to make them feel me, feel where I'm coming from." After years of developing his flow, vocals and stage presence he knew it was time to step out on faith and become a solo artist. With rock solid support from family and friends, Ashtin knew that it was time to make his impression on the world.

"I grew up on music, went to sleep to classical compositions and woke up to soulful Curtis Mayfield. Music is all I know. Being a father of three and a husband of one, real life is all I know... so I just put the two together to tell my story."

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