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@ItsJimmySton3r - PL4N3T 5T0N3R EP

WELCUM 2 'PL4N3T 5T0N3R' ! ! !  Where blunt sessions with I DREAM OF JEANNIE & BEWITCHED is just a normal day ! Where you can visit Green Island & be DAZED & CONFUSED from the CHRONIC. Where Lap dances from BETTY BOOP & CLAIR HUXTABLE is just one coke line away... Where your DREAM & IMAGINATIONs become YOUR REALITY!   PL4N3T 5T0N3R means creating your own world and making it your reality ! YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT ! YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT ! JUST BE TRUE 2 YOU AND MAKE SHIT HAPPEN ! FUCK WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING ! + DO NOT BE A FOLLOWER+ PAY ATTENTION ! and ENJOY the Groovy Spaced Out Funk provided to you by a normal nigga just like YOU who created his own world and made it his reality ! You 2 can create ! Just do it. HiiiiiiiiiiiGGGHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-J!mmy Ston3r

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