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@StarKillerVX Levi Vega & @CHADROTO Presents Dirty Diamonds

Levi Vega is solidifying his position within the ranks of Detroit's competitive hip hop scene. The Detroit native has released a series of dynamic projects that combine various genres and styles. Vega is constantly pushing the boundaries of sound and has given us another example of his creative ability with his latest single "Dirty Diamonds". Vega has worked with artists all over, but has been spending time working closely with Detroit artist/producer Chadroto. The duo's lyrical partnership was a match made in heaven, and was complimented further by the addition of the Detroit producer Vandal Savage. Savage and Vega have worked together on many projects and have established a custom sound which is displayed throughout Vega's latest projects (New Testament, Dirty Diamonds). Vega, Chadroto and Savage are currently working with a series of artists/producers such as Kid Tef, K-Watt and "The Might PM". They plan to release a collaborative project in 2016.

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