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Mobb Deep Launches #Shookoneschallenge and it goes VIRAL

Mobb Deep Launches #Shookoneschallenge and it goes VIRAL Less than 24 hours ago, The Infamous Mobb Deep sent out the call for the #ShookOnesChallenge, which utilizes their classic 1995 single “Shook Ones (Pt. II)” from their classic “debut,” The Infamous. Although the record isn’t renown for its commercial prowess or award show trophies, it’s widely respected as one of the greatest Hip Hop songs of all-time. Prodigy, announcing the #ShookOnesChallenge via Instagram wrote, “Forget that #sogonechallenge now I wanna see that #shookoneschallenge rappers, singers upload your videos with the hashtag #shookoneschallenge I’ll repost the best ones.”
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