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@AfroWasiu - Daddy Issues Prod. By @thomas-white @dearlola @wyln

A deep-thinking emcee with endless bars, the hugely talented Wasiu puts Montreal on the Hip-Hop map. Inhabiting a textured electronic production complete with military snares, subterranean bass, and tip-toeing pizzicato strings, Wasiu recounts the first time he ever went to a strip club on "Daddy Issues," his latest single. Produced by Thomas White, Dear Lola, & WYLN and boasting some of the most politically provocative cover art you'll see all year, "Daddy Issues" is a critical meditation on the moral dilemma of patronizing strip clubs, as well as the practical problem of making it rain when your country's $1 note is a coin: "I'm tryna figure out which hole to put my loonies in/Fuck it, I just threw them shits/Hit her booty, bruised her skin/Shook her, but she started twerkin/Sorry I'm just new to this." Premiered by High Snobiety, "Daddy Issues" is the latest single from Wasiu's upcoming project MTLiens 2.

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produced by @thomas-white @dearlola @wyln
mixed & mastered by @dearlola
Recorded by @Etienne-Cyr-1 & Rawssi at @ODDIOent

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