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Cardi B Rants For Respect & Tell You "Your Favorite Rapper Is Not Gangsta"

Cardi B is calling rappers out and spazzing on the haters. Fed up, Cardi B, reality star & rapper, took to Twitter and offered a heated response to the backlash she’s received from men over her music.

She dug up her stripper background and questioned why she’s hated on for her past career choices by a lot of these fake rappers. Cardi also added that she’s real with her music and implied some rappers have never learned how to do that.

“A lot of y’all men, I be getting a lot of backlash and fucked up backlash,” She stated. “And it be from y’all niggas. Especially because I used to be a stripper. Okay, I used to be a stripper. I needed a job that’s gonna feed me. Your fucking favorite rapper used to fucking work in places like McDonald’s, my nigga. At least everything I rap about is real life shit. I always been a static-y bitch. And I always been a bitch that got it poppin’. Your favorite rapper is not like that. Your favorite rapper is not a gangsta. Your favorite rapper raps about selling drugs that he never even touched before.”

We don't know who directly who this rant was targeted at, but she went on to say this,

“Just because I used to be a stripper does not mean that I’m not fucking talented, my nigga,” she said. “I sit down. I write my shit. And I take my time in the studio. And everything I rap about is real life shit. I don’t lie about the shit that I have or the shit that I did. I always been like that. Y’all niggas always bashing women down. Fuck outta here. We gave birth to y’all niggas. We made y’all niggas. So respect my shit. And go listen to my mothafuckin mixtape.”

Mic Hustlin is riding with you Cardi B and we have nothing bad to say. But, we only have one critique of your video, you should lower your camera a little babe. Watch the Twitter video rant below.

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