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DAFUQ: Was 2 Chainz Cloned? + 2 Chainz "The View" Interview

2 Chainz recently had an interview with The View where he talked about the Ariana Grande concert explosion, running for mayor of his hometown College Park, GA, and about his forthcoming album "Pretty Girls Like Trap Music".

But throughout the interview, something stuck out to me, the fact that he spoke very well and very clear.

Check Out the Interview Below:

Seems like the modern-day trap rappers are talking more and more eloquent these days. In interviews, they are speaking clearer, coming across more graceful and using vernacular that will attract upper-class society (i.e. white people).

T.I. has been speaking in this manner for years and lately, everyone has displayed much discourse assuming that a man of Tip's background shouldn't be as knowledgeable in the language of which he speaks. Even Gucci Mane, after being released from confinement after almost 3 years, people felt as if he should've have come out as penitential as he was and speaking with a better dialect then when he went in.

(Ok, cut out the big words bruh.)

The question that I want to ask the readers is, after hearing this interview, where are the rumors that 2 Chainz may be a clone?

I used Tip & Gucci Mane as an example because both of them have gotten a lot of backlash for speaking better and showing that they are educated in some way. Tip has been deemed a sellout and also a hypocrite, one, because he doesn't use his interview language in his music, and two, because he seems more socio-politically aware these days. Gucci Mane has gotten the worst of the rumors because he was accused of being a clone, when in reality, for the people who really know Gucci Mane, he is known to be very intelligent.

Sometimes, people have to learn how to separate the man from the music and the reality from the entertainment. 2 Chainz himself attended college at Alabama State University playing ball and majoring in Psychology. It should be assumed that the man had some language courses where he would eventually learn the meaning of and how to pronounce certain words.

We have to realize, that in Hip-Hop, the artist do have to join interviews outside of XXL, Vibe & BET and those interviews may not cater to a completely black audience.

So, the next time that you see an artist speaking correctly, don't write them off. Start learning why they choose to speak better and learn from it. It may help you get to the next level in life.
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