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Did Kendrick Lamar JACK a unsigned rapper on DNA??

Well, Well, Well!! Here we go again!

Another well known rapper just might have found some inspiration from an underground rapper and didn't give any credit where it was due. This might be a fluke, but I must admit these track sound very similar to each other.

An unsigned artist by the name of D.ZIGN has come out and publicly accuse Kendrick Lamar of jacking his flow on "DNA". As most of us know, Kendrick Lamar's latest song "DNA" has reached some very high heights after the release of his latest effort 'DAMN.' and has made the hip-hop world go into a frenzy. Most people have started to call Kendrick Lamar the greatest rapper of all time after hearing the album which includes the 'I Got' filled song.

D.ZIGN has quickly rebuttal-ed Kendrick Lamar's 'DNA' by reposting his track called "I Got, I Got, I Got"  on Soundcloud that sound eerily similar to K.Dot's track in some ways. He also took to Instagram to share the similarity's with his fans and other. Check it out below:

After seeing this post, alot of people believed that this could be another case, that we have seen before earlier this year, of Drake and underground rapper XXXtentacion where the latter has been adamate at accusing Drake of jacking his flow.

People, I guess we will have to see where this goes. Until then, tell us what you think?
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