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Everyday Struggle's Joe Budden Throws L.A. Reid Under The Bus About Sexual Harassment Allegations


We all have been informed about why L.A. Reid, former chairman of Epic Records, decided to step down and about his sexual harassment allegation made by his former assistant. Well, now we are hearing more from one of the biggest mouths in the hip-hop industry tell us that it's way more to it.

Joe Budden, co-host of Complex.com's show Everyday Struggle, decided to drop an insider's bomb. Adding salt to the wounds of L.A. Reid, Joe Budden implied that L.A. Reid has a history of sexual harassment under his belt. "L.A. Reid is a sexual predator," said the "Pump It Up" rapper. He went on to say, "These rumors were circulating at Def Jam (Records)...multiple assistants at Def Jam said that L.A. Reid like to call 18 - 19 years old girls in your office and soliciting sexual favors."

After many retorts from the other co-host, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis, Joe Budden, not back down, went on to say that many more lawsuit may come to L.A. Reid as a resort of his current situation.

All we have to say is DAMN. L.A. Reid may have some explaining to do if Joe Budden's allegations parallel with the allegation made by the assistant.

Check out the clip posted below or check out the full video at ComplexNews' YouTube.

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