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Funk Flex Cried On Instagram Responding To T.I. About Tupac & Biggie

Funk Flex took to Instagram, yet again, to talk about the Tupac Vs Biggie situation that happened many years ago in response to T.I.'s comments on the matter. This time, Flex emotionally declared that there’s one person responsible for Big's death and that's Tupac.

He stated passionately on Instagram Live saying, “People want to ask me why I said it 20 years later,” he exclaimed. “I said it when the f**king sh** was going on! And Biggie wouldn’t have f**king died if that n**ga hadn’t have lied! He lied! Y’all n**gas worship him.” All while breaking down into tears and being comforted by a friend.Despite the fact that Pac died before Big, Flex holds firmly to his statements. He further explained that no one is willing to tell the truth, assumably to protect Pac’s legacy.

Subsequently, Flex responded to T.I.’s suggestion that his statements should have been voiced during the time when the two now deceased rappers where bumping heads.

“T.I., I was on the radio when that was happening, my brother,” he said. “’I’m on the radio breaking digital underground on BLS in 1990. T.I., you were 10 years old. So you weren’t aware of it. And I’m not knocking you, Bro, I know you’re speaking from the heart, too.”

Check out the clips below! And to Funk Flex, there's no need to cry about it big fella. Dry your eyes bro.

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