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Migos Didn't Remove Drag Queens From SNL After All Sources Say

Seem like the Migos may have not remove drag queens from their SNL performance with superstar Katy Perry after all.

Although many publications reported that Migos were responsible for drag queens being removed from their performance, an anonymous source says that the story was "completely false and fabricated."

According to Spin, one of the queens who performed with the crew and Katy Perry on SNL said there was "no drama" with Migos and added that the selection of queens who would be included in the live show changed almost on the daily leading up to last Saturday. Also, if you watch the performance footage closely, Offset, Takeoff and Quavo are all seated next to at least one drag queen in different scenes.

Hopefully, Migos skipped the backlash from the LGBT community and that the LGBT community are ready to take back any that they delivered.
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